Did anyone else experience that? (possible trigger?)

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by DWarrior, Jan 27, 2020.

  1. DWarrior

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    lately I've noticed that the more I stay away from masturbation the more my mind thinks about "extreme porn" when the urge hits me (which wasn't like that when I was on day 7-8)
    Did anyone else experience that? :oops:
    When I say "extreme porn" I mean incest, bdsm and etc
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  2. IGY

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    Your brain is simply trying to coerce you into watching porn. Maybe the temptations of the first week were less extreme. But because you didn't give in, the stakes are being raised and you are being enticed by something more extreme. Don't panic and don't give in bro. I have often found that once you get to about 30 days, the withdrawal symptoms ease a bit.
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  3. quit@porn

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    Yes bro, it does happen, I am now on my day 9 , last time went to 27 then relapsed.

    In previous case, urges were too high after a week of no PMO. But, gradually things improve.
    Don't loose your guards travel as long as possible. Like keep external controls tight like mobile/ internet guard and keeping it away in weak hours.

    Doing something (exercise if possible or simply use panic button of sight) when urges start to pop up.

    Keep some of the videos hand ready for these moments which shows uglyness of porn and motivate to give up porn.

    I have relapsed 2/3 times in last 4/5 months but, with every time things are improving.
    On first case it was too difficult to even not watching porn and fapping for 1 day.
    Today I am on 9 and it was the easiest 9 days I can tell u to travel. Ian sure this time I will make my own personal target of first 30 days. And then move on and on.

    Crisp: Don't loose your guards make them tight and keep fighting.... When going gets tough Thougher gets going.....
  4. quit@porn

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    Don't give up bro
  5. dogeatdog

    dogeatdog Fapstronaut

    Yeah, I was on day 17 and had really strong urges reinforced by some very risque PMO content. Stay strong though, as IGY said this is just your brain reaching for that dopamine rush.
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  6. DWarrior

    DWarrior Fapstronaut

    @IGY @[email protected] @dogeatdog
    Alright, I'll try to do my best, thanks.
    The only thing that keeps me from going back to masturbation right now, are the consequences of it which I'm aware of.
    (being lazy, being nervous, wasting hours on porn sites instead of doing beneficial things, being exhausted and tired 24/7, dwelling on the past and being overall negative and depressed doe to masturbation).
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  7. Uncomfortably Numb

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    Your brain is definitely trying to trick you... by putting extreme porn into your mind you are in danger of 'justifying' the use of vanilla porn to counteract it.

    Stay strong... the feeling will pass
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  8. Rexbrent

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    I complete day 30 but things are still same . Sexual thiughts about girls dont leave me alone . Wat should i do
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