did i lose my streak or no?

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Alexr0224, Oct 1, 2020.

  1. Alexr0224

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    so i’m back on my nofap grind i tried it like 2 years ago and i failed the first week and never logged in here again , but recently i decided to give it another try and i’m a week on without masturbation but today i watched porn without masturbating tho so does that mean i lost ? i didn’t climax but like does pre-cum count?
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    You should be aware of that, hopefully that does not count a relapse but if you are avoiding masturbation then do the same with porn.
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  3. Love2LongBoard

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    If your goals are not to engage in pornography and masturbation than it is a relapse.

    It doesn't mean you lost though. It just means you made a decision and you are recommitting to not make that decision again.

    Don't be afraid to call a relapse what it is. Be more afraid to justify a decision that doesn't help you achieve your goals.
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    If you watch porn or you masturbate or you orgasm, you need to reset your counter. :oops: You need to do it anyway, because it is 500+ lol. :rolleyes: Watching porn without masturbating is edging and damages your recovery more than masturbating to porn and nutting straight away. So reset your counter and start your streak again with no porn or masturbation or orgasm.
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