Did I relapse?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by SwoozieHunterYT, Nov 10, 2019.

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    So i saw this youtube video which said that if you were strong enough that i could start making a new habit for when i enter a porn site to close it as soon as you would see any “human flesh” instead of using it and relapsing, to replace the old habit, i thought this was actually a good idea, not knowing if it was true or not, so i have done it a few times today and nothing bad, untill the last time i did, about 10 minutes ago where i instead ofclosing it I just sat there and looked for 5 seconds, then realizing and quickly closing it.
    Now my question is, did it release enough dopamine to the point where it counts as a relapse or should I just brush that off to the side?
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    No sure if it a relapse, but you are playing with fire. Why go at all. You don't need to test yourself by going to these site and seeing if your strong enough to turn away. Just don't go, there nothing good there.
  3. Edging and peeking is technically a relapse but at the same time how long were you peeking or edging? A few seconds? Not really a relapse but it does impede the recovery process somewhat. I'd maybe subtract 1->3 days off your counter if it was that long. That's what I do when I peek even for a second since that's how much edging/peeking sets you back by: It doesn't completely reset you to square one, but it should still be avoided since your basically playing with fire and it slows down your reboot. Speaking from experience I did peek a few times on my serious attempt which is this one.

    Here is how I handle this sort of thing:

    Looking at social media of any type(Facebook, IG, Snapchat, Twitter, and even Discord) for even a second.= minus 1->3 days off my streak. Not only are these the most common P-subs, but I am having issues with phone addiction and want to take 2 addictions down with one program: NoFap. Because the goal of nofap isn't just getting rid of PMO but also improving your life, I find adding this rule helps. Plus while one second might not seem like much, that's one second wasted on not improving myself.

    As a warning for the future: edging and peeking is even worse for you than pmo. Your still activating the same dopamine receptors.

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