Did NoFAP land you a girl?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Kratos_GOW, May 19, 2019.

  1. Kratos_GOW

    Kratos_GOW Fapstronaut

    I won't even object anymore
  2. Infrasapiens

    Infrasapiens Fapstronaut

    In conclusion, NoFap doesn't "lands" you anything, you are the one that "lands" the thing.
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  3. Awesomej

    Awesomej Fapstronaut

    My two last long (2017 and 2018) streak did land me an ex and my current girlfriend.

    I can say it does lands girls for me. But I think not just nofap does it, because at that time I pray, meditate and work hard in the gym and I did get a decent gain which change my postures.

    Regarding face change, I think if you work out, nofap greatly assist you in your gains and weight loss. For me nofap enhance both thus makes my face more chiseled.

    I also have woman compliment me on my looks and aura on my last streak

    Now I am in my long streak again (2019) to save myself and my relationship..
  4. elevate

    elevate Fapstronaut

    I can't stop this superpower train....................

    Time to drink the kool aid.
  5. Daniel Forster

    Daniel Forster Fapstronaut

    ACTION lands a girl to you, you can be on a 100k days streak of NoFap, if you don't ask a girl out it's not going to happen.
  6. NoPMO changes my entire behavior around women. I stop being intimidated, a crystal-clear mind provides razorsharp humor and I'm not afraid to touch them. It all comes natural for me, and I'm still surprised, how it sometimes happens.

    The most important thing though is that you're fine with going outside your comfort zone. This is what I actually practiced during my current 36 days streak.
  7. Kratos_GOW

    Kratos_GOW Fapstronaut

    I will keep those things in mind
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  8. Lakeside

    Lakeside Fapstronaut

    On the contrary, a girl landed me NoFap.
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  9. MrAssasin

    MrAssasin Fapstronaut

    If you want a girl, you should to search her. Nofap it is energy and motivation, but you should to act.
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  10. Awesomej

    Awesomej Fapstronaut

    Yeahh.. Like what happen to me now. Its really painful. But it helps me to embarks on my longest journey.
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  11. arkad1

    arkad1 Fapstronaut

    Thankfully there are not only kids and gullible people here...

    Superpowers are bullshit...
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  12. I remember that one. Alexander was savage! It was great.
  13. NoFap landed me cash as well. :D
  14. Lakeside

    Lakeside Fapstronaut

    I meant in a positive sense ... as in I only started NoFap because this girl told me she liked me, and I knew I couldn't ask her out until I'd proven to myself that I could properly fight this addiction.
  15. Affection can be great motivator. :)

    I couldn't even imagine how I could function in the current environment without daily cold showers and retention. My old personality would be completely unable to deal with what life is throwing at me now.
  16. BakJo

    BakJo Fapstronaut

    It didn't "land" me the girl, but since starting NoFap my girlfriend has said I'm more loving and affectionate towards her. I also feel more confident and appreciate her more since I'm not looking at other women as objects
  17. Infrasapiens

    Infrasapiens Fapstronaut

    The OP of that thread was like this:
    Day 200
    C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_Khnum_AnimeAV.png
  18. Not yet at all.. Still waiting for somebody to come into my life. I've been training and having some changes with myself. I talk to god almost every single day. That I'm ready for an easy going relationship, but maybe I have some things I still need to work on.
  19. Reborn16

    Reborn16 Fapstronaut

    Similar goals here man.

    I must say NoFap makes talking to girls (or anyone) a lot easier, if for nothing else than not having the shame of what we didn't do the night before.

    Also on this topic, before I got any good traction on my streaks I was often 'desperate' around women. As in, I would have dated just about any woman as long as she wasn't obese...

    Now days I can talk with a girl, have a nice chat, and at some point I might decide we just wouldn't click well, even if she happened to be cute. Still working on asking out more girls I do like haha, but this progress so far would never happened in the fapping days of yore.
  20. SirErnest

    SirErnest Fapstronaut
    NoFap Defender

    'The Fapping Days of Yore'!
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