Did NoFAP land you a girl?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Kratos_GOW, May 19, 2019.

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    No orgasm for 455 days?? Damn...
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  2. The damn lies in the fact that I had multiple orgasms almost everyday for a decade or so. ;):D:)
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  3. Capt. U

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    Yup, a sex addict XD
  4. Yes, but she was an absolute psychopath (this is not an exaggeration) and I had to leave her (btw, she approached me not vice versa).
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  5. It did for me indeed.
    At 36 years my 1st real longterm relationship, so it works and dont listen to naysayers.

    Why it worked?

    Because when I used to pmo all the time, I had no desire to get a girl. Well I sometimes had a desire, but I ended it with daily PMO session, and after I came in front of monitor, I lost any interrest in girls.

    After 2 months of NoFap, I started dating the real girls basically 1st time in my life. Very soon I get my long term match. Lasted one year. And it ended cca 6 months back.

    I had 20+ dates with various girlssince than, thats 20x more than I had in my whole previous life... I was one month with one of them, she was a fitness girl and if I posted a pictures of her here, it would kill many streaks...

    Now I feel I can get any woman I see, and Im quite sure its that way.

    I also invited a girl on a party on a date. I saw the most hot 10/10 and asked her out. She was so happy about it, but explained to me she has a BF and she will get engaged etc, but she was shocked, because ppl dont ask such girls in a way I did. It made her day. Any mine too.

    Thinking about it...

    I will post the girls.. It might motivate someone to acutally go out and get em. I went from absolute zero to this.

    1st two screens is the fitness girl. She is a personal trainer and the fotos are from her public site. I was with her one month, we did a lot of things together, but towards the end we started to annoy each other a LOT and we ended it.

    2nd two screens is the girl I asked out on the wedding party. And I had very nice genuine reaction from her. 1 year back, I would DIE asking a girl like this out. I would absolutely NOT be able to do that in my WILDEST DREAMS.

    I hope we are a bit mature here and that it will not make ppl relapse, but it should not. It should make u THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU DOING AND WHAT IS OUT THERE FOR U TO GET!!
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  6. danstronaut

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    Im not sure if it was a coincidence or not, but I started dating my first girlfriend on my first 100 day streak.
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  7. DeepParkWater

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    Instead of expecting nofap to get you a girl you should look at it as nofap is something im doing to be the best version of myself. In that journey one thing you may do is find a girlfriend because the best version of yourself includes being a man confident enough to approach women. Otherwise you might find yourself in a situation where you end up filling a void with a women which is nice but honestly puts you in a bad situation.

    I found the woman of my dreams and dated her for 3 years. Ultimately she filled a void in my life and because of that i needed her too much and i was unable to keep her. Women are people that add to your life bit youll be okay without her. If you cant remain objective shell walk all over you and youll lose her. Be the best version of yourself for you. The women will see that and try to go along for the ride.
  8. HornyChang

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    Yes everytime im on a big streak something happens. Got my first kiss with a milf, made out with a girl, lost virginity to a girl all with 30+ days of nofap. Now I got nothing. Been stuck in fap hell for the longest time. I also feel you gotta be in places where you get to interact with girls regularly. Work places, bars, etc. Let the magic happen. You are not gonna get girls staying home playing games all day.
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  9. EnterTheMatrix

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    I am 20 , still don't have gf . But I can tell you that my game with girls is improving as I am on nofap
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  10. Reborn16

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    No girlfriend yet, no dates in a while in fact. But noticing improvements...

    A few girls from university keeping eye contact. Some starting random conversations with me or asking for my facebook. One girl I used to know who hasn't talked to me in a long time called out to ask how I was going, when she had already walked past me and I was looking the other way.

    I'm not saying all these girls dig me lol. But they certainly don't pay me much attention when I probably look like a sleep deprived addict.

    Maybe that's it, just look more 'with it' compared to before.

    Anyways, enjoying the thread, will definitely update this if I do get dates/GF as I have been single for YEARS haha.
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  11. FormerFapaholic

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    No. But I sense and feel that more women are attracted to me these days.

    Especially since I've made a number of changes to improve me and my life. Losing weight, getting fitter and healthier. Moving out into my own place. Changing job and career. Working on my life goals has been more important to me since doing NoFap, and I'm less fixated about having a girlfriend. If it happens, it happens.
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  12. Reborn16

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    Dude you're ready, I like that you're relaxed about it - but as men it's our job to make it happen.

    I write that as I sit here knowing I haven't taken action myself in a while lol...

    But yeah, if what you're saying is that you'll wait and see what happens, most likely 0 will happen, unless you make it so!
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  13. Kratos_GOW

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    Yeah you guys put some good sense. I think its safe to say that you do get more attraction when on this challenge.
  14. the awakening

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  15. Daedaleus

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    I think the changes that occur during your reboot, both psychologically and physiologically will both increase your motivation to engage socially with females which in turn will inevitably increase your chances at courtship since your primitive brain will be geared towards seeking real stimulus rather than artificial stimulus.

    However, I would advise caution if the only reason you are wanting to do a reboot is to solely to have sexual relations with a female/male/etc. I think the mindset would be more beneficial over the long term if you view the reboot as something you're doing for yourself and your health rather than just to get with women. Don't get me wrong, finding a female companion is a very nice benefit and positive reinforcement for the reboot, but I feel the focus should be on you rather than on another while you reboot.

    But yes, going through nofap i think will definitely help you be more proactive and successful in finding a significant other/friend with benefit

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