Did you end up hating your past self?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by AtomicTango, Aug 13, 2017.

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    The title sums it up really, have any of you reached a point in your NoFap journey where you started to realise how much you didnt like your past self, not just in the sense of hating that you PMO'd, but hating some other aspect of yourself entirely? Over the past week or so I've realised how weak I was in the past, how I would hide my true personality behind a stupid manchild mask that I only ever kept up to fit in with other manchildren at my university (I study games design so you can imagine what I mean here lol), and its gotten me curious if any of you guys have experienced similar things?
  2. Yes. I hate my old self. I hate what I was and never want to go back to it.
    Btw , my job is related to video game designing too !
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    Awesome, I like what I do but on some level I feel like its limited me to being around people that are insufferably boring to be around and incredibly immature. I was hesitant to even say this kind of thing because it sounds so pretentious but its the truth; I feel like I've wasted so much time trying to fit into a clique of people and only through NoFap have I learnt I dont want to fit in. Its this realisation thats made me want to start this thread.
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    You make an excellent point, and I hope I can get to the point that I feel the same as you about myself. Your comment reminds me of the lyrics of Rascal Flatts song, "God Bless the Broken Road." All the heartache and pain we have known, has brought us to this point. We now have the opportunity to overcome and in the sweetness of victory I hope that I can appreciate struggle for making me a thriving soul. I just don't feel like I have defeated all my demons yet. I want to love myself, but there is still too much darkness.
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  5. Hate? That's a strong word. No, I wouldn't say so. But I did dislike many things in old me. Still dislike some behaviors in me now. Working on changing them, but it's not that easy as said and done.
  6. I forgive myself for all my mistakes. I don't hate my past self.

    I do have a lot of selfhate feelings, more as in the past. Wy? Everytime something went wrong I went PMO. So no time for feeling bad. Now quitting it's hard dealing with all these emotions.

    Forgive yourself.
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