didn't get morning wood during 26 days of nofap, is it ok?

Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by Deleted Account, Sep 26, 2019.

  1. I'm 29 yrs old guy, and i was overM before.
    i started nofap for about 26 days ago and i notice now that i didnt get any morning wood and felt really nothing down there in this 26 days period.
    i tried to test it and i relapsed today. it was working, but i heard one of the signs of good sexual health is morning woods.
    do you really think is it going to be fine?
    is that normal during 90 days streak to have no erection?
  2. For me it wouldn't be normal. I have a pretty healthy libido
    Probably should consider yourself lucky, unless you like erections
    If you are super concerned about it, see a doctor.

    Doesn't sound like anything is too wrong though. Everybodies body is different
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  3. Daedaleus

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    I suggest reading others' journals and reboots to get an idea. I'm day 18 and the best I've gotten so far is just some little semblance of morning wood. Others have reported long times (50+ days) before experiencing morning wood. Research has also shown that younger men who experience PIED actually take longer to recover than older men.

    Everybody heals at different rates, I'd say just stay the course and be patient.
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  4. Camelon

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    Don"t worry
    Im ur age & they hits hard after 35 days for me, take care not to relapse cuz really ur boner will be like piece of hell.......
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  5. You're right, i relapsed, but i keep going until i see the results.
    thanks for making me sure it will work if i go on :D
  6. @Ebi Just dont think about the MW. For me it took 3+ months to get MW.

    Thats how long it took me to get consistent strong MW. Im not even on that level rn in my current streak. It'll come, it'll be best if you dont think about it. And just have consistently strong streak w no chesting whatsoever
  7. Chappie77

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    I was so conditioned to PMO I didn't get any erections after starting hardmode nofap.
    Porn use had become so routine I would start M without feeling aroused before hand.
    Porn is what gave me erections.

    Now fantasies of being with real women get me aroused.
    Sometimes in inappropriate settings (just like back in school).
    I have to distract myself to get them down.

    I just had one morning wood about 2 weeks ago.
    Haven't had any since.
    What's the significance of it?
    Does it indicate a return to normality?
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  8. It will back.
    I recommend you to read this link .
    just keep up staying away of pmo craps.
  9. Quoowahb

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    I was numb day 30 through 60. I'm 55. I've had PIED most of my adult life. Now my morning wood is much harder than I thought was possible for a man of my age.
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