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  1. Hey guys, i gained couple of fat during these holidays. However are there simple diet stuff which i need to follow in order to for example take off 5 kgs during 10 days, i want to loose 10kgs.
    Yet I'm not sure what to do, about the gym i am not quite sure yet, for now i want some kind of diet. I thought about eating only 2 times a day.
    Is that good ?
    Or completely ejecting bread, mayonese and ketchup from my daily eating ? I have no idea how to say it in english.

    Please guys, suggest me something i want to start off from something.
    I decided that i need to be fit until the summer. I thought about going to the gym, but i need to loose fat first, suggest me some excercises or something.

    Thank you in advance :D
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    Unless you have a lot of weight to lose, 5kgs in 10 days in impossible (with real weight-loss) - unless you starve yourself hard-core, which would actually make you less healthy than your current state. Many people claim to lose 8-15 pounds in a week, but a lot of that comes from water weight fluctuations. A good goal is 1-2lbs per week. And you should go to the gym once you start your diet. Don't try to lose weight, then lift. Weightlifting is a great way to burn a lot of calories, build muscle, and release stress (and release endorphins into your brain).

    For diet, just eat less than you are currently eating. Try to get in more protein and less sugar. Those are my big two for most people these days. It's very easy to binge on sugar with modern food, and most people don't get in enough protein. If you want to build muscle while losing weight, I would shoot for 1 gram of protein/lb of body weight. Along with building muscle, protein helps keep you feeling fuller for longer.

    You don't really need to count calories when you start out. It's a big nuisance and it will make you want to give up. It's only needed when you hit a plateau and can't lose any more.

    For lifting, if you are a beginner, I would suggest doing Starting Strength. It's a great beginners program that is short, but incorporates all the major, compound lifts. Compound lifts (lifts that use a lot of different muscle groups i.e. squats, deadlifts, presses, etc) burn way more calories than isolation lifts (bicep curls, tricep extensions, etc). Here is SS: If that one doesn't interest you, just do some research online on or T-Nation.
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    First off its all about diet thats all losing weight is. Second I'm not familiar with kgs but here is a method with pounds to maintain your weight is 10-12 calories per pound without exercise and 14-16 with 1 hour of exercise. Whatever you eat thats less than that puts you in a deficit. I would say cut slow so weigh yourself every week find what you need to maintain and I would say cut 100-200 calories a day but do a maintain week where you eat what you need to maintain so you don't get to hungry. You only have to eat clean 75% of the time otherwise you will go crazy. I've heard you shouldn't eat to much bread I would get rid of condiments like mayonnaise but you have to track your calories in order to lose weight its tough but it will be easier later on.

    As far as exercise it depends on your goals what you enjoy doing. I like to run and lift weights though I primarily sprint. I wouldn't run though if you are above 250 because it can be rough on your joints. Walking is fine knee pushups bodyweight squats if you google it you can find the kinds of exercises you are looking for.
  4. Do some serious research man and get some realistic goals, there is so much information out there and now is the perfect time to start :)
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    Broccoli and grilled chicken whenever you want. And I put on some rice every third evening for carbs. I sometimes allow myself a yogurt with active cultures (no aspartame) in the mornings. I drink a pot of coffee in the morning and go for a brisk walk on an empty stomach. Along with light workout in the evening. I only do this for 2 wks at a time. But it works for me.
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    Make sure that you ease yourself into working out. It is easy to want to do everything the first week, overwork yourself, get super sore, and then lose motivation. Make a plan that you can realistically do and then as you get more comfortable with it, increase the intensity a bit! Also make sure that you drink enough water! You will feel a lot better!
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    In the first: Do not eat only 2 times a day! I lost 12 Kg in last year, it's not easy, but it's not so difficult. I think you should eat by 3 and 3 hours, don't drink alcoholic beverage because slows the metabolism and search a nutritionist. When I lost weight I didn't search for a nutritionist and didn't do gym. It signify that the food is an important step.

    How did I lost weight? I took care of myself and the food that I ate. I read a lot of things about health. I ate fruit in the breakfast and in the morning snack. In the lunch I didn't ate a lot of carbohydrate and don't repeat if I went in the restaurant. Many things like it that I lost weight.

    Tip, search about: Protein Diet. I did it too. It's good because you don't starve. I can send for you my Protein Diet translated.

    Good Luck!
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    watch this:
    i lost 21 lbs in 14 days
    wasn't hungry at all
    had more energy and slept better than i ever have in my life as far as i can recall

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