Difference between desensitization and sexual cues?

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    What is desensitization?

    To me desensitization could mean a few different things. Maybe you need more hardcore/weird porn content to be turned on and get off. Maybe you need to keep constantly clicking and searching more and more content to get off, because we know the more you search and find the more dopamine that is released.

    So to me needing more hardcore/weird content or constantly needing to search more sounds like desensitization.

    So if your with a real woman she's probably not going to be doing those hardcore/weird things you see in porn. Or you can't keep searching for more sexual content every second when your with a real woman. So in other words the real woman can't raise any where near the same level of dopamine that these things can.

    What is sexual cues?

    So for the guys who have had a lot or some sexual experience with real women right before they know they're going to have sex they get an extreme sexual rush which produces an erection. Basically these guys are well aware of what's coming, no pun intended. Because these guys have wired and conditioned their brains to real sex, they know what it is.

    But what about the guys who have had little or no sexual experience?

    Maybe these guys have spent years jacking off in front of their computer and have hardly or never been with a real woman. So when these guys get with a real woman right before sex their brain isn't sending the sexual cues. So these guys might get the sexual cues simply from opening their computer which might produce an erection, or maybe simply looking at one image of a woman on their computer might send the sexual cues and give them an erection.

    This to me doesn't necessarily sound so much like desensitization, but it more sounds like they're sexual conditioned to the thought and act of jacking off to artificial sexual stimulation in front of their computer.

    Think about it, how could one image on your computer of a fully clothed woman that you know be desensitization? How could that one image of the woman you know turn you on more than being with that woman right before sex in real life?

    To me that doesn't sound so much like desensitization, but it sounds more like you're not sexually conditioned to a real woman, but you're sexual conditioned to artificial sexual stimulation on your computer.

    Is it abnormal to be turned on by porn/artificial sexual stimulation?

    The way a lot of guys on this speak is only guys that have an addiction or problem with porn could be turned on by it. Where as in actual fact most guys could probably be turned on by porn.

    What about guys that have sex with real women but they also sometimes PMO as well? How are these guys able to sometimes PMO but they're also psychically capable of having sex with real women? Because they're not desensitized and are sexually conditioned to real women.

    It is much easier to become sexually conditioned to porn/artificial sexual stimulation than what it is to become sexually conditioned to real women.

    Your not going to need to work and put effort in to get porn/artificial sexual stimulation. It isn't going to judge you, your not going to feel embarrassed, nervous or anxious right before using porn. You can jack off to porn any time and as much as you want.

    You need to put in work and effort to get a real women. You might feel more embarrassed, nervous or anxious with a real women. A real women might not have sex with you as much as you want.

    Would a real women be understanding of the fact you can't perform because your not sexually aroused by them enough to get an erection? How many women are going to wait around and do sexual stuff with you until you do eventually become sexually conditioned to them?

    Even when a lot of guys reboot and their full sexual sensitivity returns, they still aren't going to be sexually conditioned to real women, and are likely going to need to go through a good few failed attempts before actually being physically able to have successful sex.

    What worries me is how many women are going to be understanding of this?
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    I have never been with a real woman. I have never had real sex. So to me that world is unknown. But I am going to be nervous, have performance anxiety and probably will fail a few times. And I will probably be annoyed and thoughts will appear like «porn is so much easier....better stick to it...» but it is wrong because porn harms me. Real sex doesn’t.
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    Waiting for others experience her

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