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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by gentleman_2, Aug 25, 2020.

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    Don't really know where to start from but I wanted to share my feelings from so long , so I am back here.
    Nofap, Oh dear I can't express my feelings about this awesome journey I had in my life, Nofap was and will surely be the best desicion I have ever taken so far to change my mental health and living.
    I am and I will always be grateful to all the people's around here whose writings are giving motivations to the ones who are struggling to live a life less of worries and full of self connection...
    So the scene is my ex is back during this lockdown period..I forgot her on what she had done to me..afterall forgiveness gives you more power..and a good insight of your character..So we have been flirting around from couple of months..she is single..in the flow I expressed her my feelings again( worst decision) and now that topic is the life of whole conversation and now I am not sure if she is perfect for me or not...I am still on my journey..but I released twice because of some flirty combo we had....but now I am stable..I wish Everything goes well... want's to change the conversation pattern since so much sexual talking is involved..but if I does so , she will think I lost interest and it will create space again in between us..I have already given her so much attention.. needs to slow it down now..any suggestions? More power to you all..Stay on this journey it is awesome..
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    My personal opinion is that if she left you once, then she will do so again.
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