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Staci sprout has a cute smile?

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  1. pliyanage

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    before i relapsed i saw beauty in so many girls which I would just said they are ugly or would try to look for perfect girls which there isnt and even different ages like Staci Sprout who has the cutest smile I've ever seen, i don't know if this is nofap or its fax, like she is way too old for me but things like that i see beauty in females not for there body but everything outside of sex like if someone like her was my age i would for sure take her out for a date and give as much as i can to her instead being selfish and using females for sex. am i the only person who feels the same as if they see the good side of females a lot more?
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  2. TheJetDude44

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    Ive had similar experiences. The woman I viewed in porn were very attractive almost always 9 or 10 but after getting on nofap I have been noticing I am starting to notice other attractive features besides their body in woman that I wouldn't find attractive because of porn desensitization. I don't know its odd that my expectations of woman beauty has gradually gone down because of nofap and am liking it.
  3. pliyanage

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    yes exactly same with me
  4. Awedouble

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    I don't really see it as "good side" - I mean what does that mean? There's just different sides to people. But considering Staci is a therapist and even one that has written a book have you read it? Not sure if it's potentially triggering for people who may be more reactive though since it's a memoir about sex addiction. I suppose it's not instructional in format but I'd bet there are things you'd learn where if you talk to other people, including girls about their situation that would be informative and help you understand. Looks like it's a free read off Kindle Unlimited too.

    This is just an example of course, another might be a girl closer to your age and she writes fiction though not a genre you are necessarily interested in, but maybe she's pretty good at it. If you put in the time that might be an opening to talking to her.

    Edit: It's basically the "chair principle" if you've seen the movie Phenomenon. It doesn't have to be a book, it could be something the woman is passionate about. Someones lifes work, their art, craft if you get into that you get a way to get to know them.
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