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    for years ive been trying to improve my guitar speed by trying to play slow until i got something down, then gradually increase the tempo

    i find that this doesn't really help me play at full, normal speed. instead, my muscles are trained to play it slow.

    playing fast and slow are totally different, and i dont really believe you can just work your way up like that.

    if anything, i realized that playing slowly is kind of like fear of failure or fear of making mistakes. like, i better not make any mistakes, so ill keep playing slowly to iron out all the mistakes. when i play this way, i lose all feeling, even if i make less mistakes

    im trying to take on the music head-on, as close to full speed as possible. maybe i only take it slow just initially to learn all the notes. but at some point, im pretty confident i have all the notes down. i just gotta go in and try it full speed, even if i totally mess it up.

    and if i dont think i can play it full speed, maybe i just wont play guitar at all for a bit. maybe ill dream about playing that riff or that song full speed, ill air guitar it all day. at some point, ill come back and take another shot at it full speed on the real guitar, accepting whatever comes out as my honest attempt at it. when i play this way, im a little sloppy, missign notes here and there, but damn is it way more fun, and i feel like i can just PLAY the damn guitar. just go for it full speed

    anyway, maybe life is like that too. you either kind of put it on pause for a bit, or you go in on it full speed. dont just take it slow because you're afraid to mess it up. if you cant handle it, that's fine-- go on pause. dream a bit. dont do anything at all. once you're ready, go full speed!
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    That's interesting. I have always found playing slow developes muscle memory. I have always picked a slow tempo and repeated the same bar on a low tempo up to 30 times or when I have it down at that tempo then I notch it up 3bpm or so and repeat the process. It's a slow progression but it has worked for me everytime.

    Thats a great point about children. They do seem to recognize thier limits more clearly than adults, atleast from what I've seen in the music world that is.
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    I have a violin and I think I did this mistake as well. Not entirely my decision, my friend who is a violinist advised me to do like that. He had been kindly teaching me to play violin and he believes one should jump to more advanced things sooner than usual, sooner than the way ordinary teachers teach violin. He says playing songs makes the learning process more enjoyable and it's motivating. I couldn't spend much time on violin, but want to start again. I actually wasn't satisfied with that method. But not sure the usual slow learning would be more satisfying either. Any idea / advice?
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    That's a really good point: if i dont feel like i can go right in and play something at or near full speed, i should focus on learning something easier rather than try to slow down and learn the harder song piece by piece. this keeps the fire from going out!
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    I see what you mean, although self motivation and enjoyment of practice are really important to me. Guitar has always been my safe haven since no one ever forced me to pick it up. I've had a lot of supervision in all sorts of ways growing up, not always a bad thing of course, but it's really nice to have something that is internally motivated. of course i want to improve at guitar, but it would be really nice to be able to do so in a way that doesn't feel like it was imposed on me by parental-type figures

    this guy, for the most part, is self-taught through youtube and stuff. and he absolutely shreds. im pretty confident he is like the single most gifted guitar player of my generation: (shout out to any other CHON fans)
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    similarly, no one ever forced me to do nofap. in nofap, there isn't that much of a sense of teachers and students. it's more like a community of fellow strugglers sharing tips and supporting each other.

    if someone were breathing over my neck, tying my hands behind my back so that i wouldnt fap, that wouldnt really be the spirit of nofap. the whole point is finding the self motivation and control to just not masturbate. just dont touch urself
  7. I have a suggestion for you, which is the way I broke through that barrier on keys.

    It's useless and pointless to play any instrument if you don't know which scale to play.

    I suggest that every day, play 3 major scales up and down the neck.

    Also, memorize the relative minors. Ex. a minor is the relative minor of C major,
    because they both have the same notes.

    At the first of every month, pick 3 different scales that you didn't play the last month.

    There are 12 major scales so it works out neatly.

    Now I know all of these scales, but I use them to warm up.

    Here's my schedule if you want to try it:

    Jan, May, Sept = C#/b flat, E/c#, A/f#
    Feb, June, Oct = B/g#, C/a, F/d
    Mar, July, Nov = Bb/g, Eb/c, G/e
    Apr, Aug, Dec = D/b, F#/eb, G#/f

    Another thing you can do is turn on a song and figure out the key/s.

    Then just play within the scale, you don't need to learn the riffs.

    Just pick out notes and chords, intervals.

    LMK how it goes if you try it.

    Don't let learning "exact riffs" become a barrier to getting better.

    The goal is to write your own stuff, in your creative space, not be a copycat.

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