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  1. My porn addiction caused me to cheat on partners. I got my ex love of 4 years pregnant, she wanted to keep the child as it was maybe the only chance she would get to have one due to a complication. Once I found out I pressed her until she got rid of the baby, which was at the last moment and I'm sure a horrible abortion.

    The real reason I needed her to get rid of it was because I was seeing a new girl, who I'd also previously got pregnant. There's no condoms in porn you see, so why should I wear them I thought. Acting without consequence.

    The new girl who I'm still with doesn't know I got the ex pregnant and she was close to having the child which would have torn any relationship between us apart. The truth is I don't particularly want a relationship with the new girl.

    Depression is here, my mental state worsens as in private I regularly snap at myself. There is a way out, but I can't seem to find the discipline. The courage to tell the truth.
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    Sheesh umm i hate to be the asshole. But this isnt a porn issue this is youre an asshole issue. If you really want to deal with the psychological guilt you need to address this with a therapist psychiatrist do whatever you need to. Its good youre being open about this because thats the first step. But i feel like honestly youre trying to blame something on porn that really isn't porn related. You could say that porn caused you to want to sleep with multiple women but at the end of the day you chose to convince that woman to get an abortion which isnt porn related. Every guy here understands why you would want that and its understamdable but dont skirt the issue that was just you being an asshole. I wish you the best
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  3. I'm a troubled soul. My actions over the past few years have left me open.

    I'm searching for peace and worth. I want to reach out and apologise to those I have harmed.

    Never meant to hurt anyone

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