Dinosaurs and the Holy Bible

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Are dinosaurs biblical?

  1. yes, they clearly fit into the biblical scriptures

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  2. no, the theory of evolution provides a better explanation

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  3. I'm still on the fence about it

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  2. Once again. You are NEW to the forums. This SECTION is for what is stated in the following link.

    If you were wondering why mods do not move these threads, the contents is not solely religious. Bear in mind the Title of the thread began with Dinosaurs and not the Bible. Also note, that the thread writer, in his first post, did not mention Christianity, which is the religion. He mentioned the bible and it contents. The Bible, while associated with religion, can be used outside of it. Like science and history. Which is what this discussion is about.
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  3. With all due respect don't try this bs on me.
    1. What I've posted is from here: https://www.nofap.com/forum/index.php?threads/nofaps-forum-posting-rules.121256/. General rules applicable for the whole forum and this section in particular are described there.
    2. You wouldn't ask the question whether dinosaurs are compatible with the Chronicles of Narnia, would you? The question and the answers are clearly religious in nature.
    I won't participate in this semantic nonsense anymore so feel free to argue with someone else, preferably yourself.
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  4. The OT is not a history book, it was not written to us. It was written to the people of its day. They did not have the same understanding of history as we do. It would make no sense for God to teach ancient Peoples about dinosaurs. What the OT conveys is Gods Power and authority. It is not a literal history is every way. The Bible is true for what it is and of course, dinosaurs are real as well, we have the proof.
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    Why do you have such a problem with a single thread on religion? Its not a personal attack on you. You can simply avoid it. Why the animosity?
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  6. First of all, it doesn't matter what I think. Having this thread in here is against the forum rules and if those are to be respected that ought to be enough.

    Second of all, I already said why I inserted myself in here. Any person that comes to this page and see this conversation will inevitably come to the conclusion that fapstronauts are religious nutcases who believe in literal Noah's flood and mythical creatures and/or that we think we understand biology better than the biologists. Not a good look.
    Now, in a spirit of the marketplace of ideas people could respond to every misguided message that popped up here and try and distance themselves from it but that would be a lot of work. Instead, it would be nice if this whole ridiculous thread got moved where it belongs, in the religious sections. That way the "...nofap is a secular website..." thing might actually look plausible to newcomers. Was that really that hard to understand?
    Do as you wish.
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    Don't let being hurt by the church affect your view on God. Whether you believe or not, he loves you deeply.
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    No, but you clearly have emotional issues with religion. I edited my post to say "why the animosity"?

    Prove your point first.

    Of all the wacko threads you choose religion? There are so many weird threads on nofap. I mean REALLY weird. Nofap is a website for human "issues", and many there are. Christianity, while some may vehemently criticize it, is NOT on the scale of some of the things I've seen on here. Its simply more aggressive.

    What? Just don't click the thread.
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  9. Those fish are actually much older than dinosaurs. T-rex lived 70M years ago, coelacanths go back 400M years!
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    My great grandad actually caught one of those. Wish I had a picture
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  11. The people demeaning harmless Bible believers as "religious nutcases" don't know much about spiritual things. And they always get riled up about Christianity - all other flavors of wrongthink are fine. ;)

    So let me introduce myself so you get to know an actual "religious nutcase": I'm a Christian convert filled by the Holy Spirit. As such I have bidirectional communication with God. Not only that, I also have the Spirit gift of healing (of course the healing itself is done by the Almighty through me if He sees fit, not by myself).

    I live my life my following the Lord's plan - which isn't always easy - while He arranges things for me in the very physical reality you and I share, to make the former possible.

    Now that's some scary crazy stuff, right? I hope so, because I would have thought the same if I actually knew about that during my past unbeliever life. I ended up here, because a Spirit-filled vessel cannot engage in sin, which PMO clearly is. So I had no other choice than to stop it.

    Now being with the living God makes discussions like these not very interesting. If I'm in doubt, I just ask at the source. But I hope you understand that I'm far beyond questioning the truth of the Word.
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    May I ask - how do you know you have a gift of healing?
  13. By experience. One day I ended up in circumstances of a young healthy person feeling ill first, then quickly deteriorating into strong pain and vertigo. The Lord then more or less tricked me into laying on of hands followed by full recovery within the hour.

    Only after the fact I got the explanation from Him. He is a God of showing, not telling.
  14. Lol. Really. Just lol.
  15. Someone had mentioned the pyramids. Fact... Egyptians had markings on there walls (inscribed) about huge beasts as well. Might not have been dinosaurs. But it was not ordinary animals as well.

    Cool to know, that older civilizations believed that these kinds of creatures existed. Makes you think, does it not?

    EXPONENTIALLY Fapstronaut

  17. I've read your posts and as the original poster I wish to state this thread is not a matter of religion. It is a matter of realism and quest for the truth (if evolution were the sole explanation for dinosaurs, then this thread would be about evolution, not religion). But there are different possibilties and since evolution can't entirely disprove the Bible and otherwise, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that is what this thread is for, discussing these different possibilities. We can only learn from other people's opinions so please try to respect that. Thanks
  18. I am a devout Christian and I believe in science. I think the old testament stories are narratives to communicate a theme. Also, I do not believe in the power of healing you can order up from God as if he was our servant. If healing like that were real it would be a form of healthcare. I just want people to know.......You can be a Christain in need of a savior and not push beliefs on others and not believe in fantastical stories and take science for what it is.
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  19. Amen.
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    Healing is real, and it is quite close to what you described because the price is already paid for. (Isaiah 53, 1 Peter 2:24)
    A good illustration is Matthew 10 where Jesus tells his disciples to go and heal the sick (not pray to God for that). Then Matthew 17 tackles this issue again.
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