Discipline as motivation after 50 days and counting...

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by traillzz, Aug 17, 2019.

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    Before another update I’d like to thank everybody on this forum and wish everybody good luck on their journey. You ALL can do this and everyday is one step closer to the end goal, so keep on holding on.

    Now as for day 40-50 I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in energy and concentration/motivation. I actually like to go places now instead of just sitting in my room and thinking all kinds of weird stuff (not all porn related). Some of the thoughts that kept reoccurring that have almost subsided completely:

    - I am nothing

    - I won’t be anything

    - Why am I nothing?

    As I just typed these thoughts I noticed that all of them keep occurring in a kind of imaginary loop that I have constructed, that maybe I’ve broken by finding a new kind of energy and discipline. I’ve noticed that apart from the physical benefits (hair grows faster, stronger and i am way less tired) it’s the mental benefits that actually helped me allot (some may call it placebo, is so great!, in research placebo can be a powerful tool). I guess maybe it is the discipline that keeps motivating me and also the structure that discipline gives me of not watching porn and keep working towards some higher and goal. If I feel like crap some days I can always tell myself: you have your discipline, YOU have your streak, YOU have your energy, so all will be fine.

    One last thing is that eye contact has improved, which can be awkward at times, but hey who really cares… Anyway have a great one guys and keep on holding on (or off, depending on the way you look at things).
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    thanks for posting man, keep up the nice streak!

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