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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Coolbreeze, Apr 29, 2019.

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    I see many people asking questions on NoFap about anxiousness, depression and loneliness. At least, these are the issues that are mentioned most. In addition to these three there is a ship full of other shitty problems that people have.

    All of the mental problems we have are somehow holistically connected.

    The way we feel and think is an end result of all the combined feelings and thoughts that run through our mind. And of this, everything has in some way to do with self-worth. Whether you like it or not, our brain constantly asks you what the purpose and end-goal of one activity is because there should be something in it for you. It can be working to earn money or it can just be socializing with a friend to relax. It can also be playing video games if your goal is to make money by becoming a PRO gamer and going to events with streamers. For most of us however, playing video games is a fancy escape from all the real deals we face during our lives. Our discipline might tell us that we should clean the room but we postpone it and then in the end we go to sleep not having cleaned the room because we got too caught up in the gaming. What am I trying to get to here? Very simple: Discipline creates self-worth.
    Actually it is not as easy as it sounds but it is true. A disciplined person can achieve almost anything and especially in the mind this person is capable of everything.

    If we are disciplined throughout the first hours of our day, we are bound to have a succesful and productive day!

    On the other hand, making the call to snooze your alarm is already the first mistake one can make that is likely to set the trend for the day.

    Many people do not understand the basic mechanics of life, myself included untill recently when I figured my stuff out. NoFap is useless if you are not disciplined.

    Discipline is possible for every person, also in depression. In these cases the discipline starts from the bottom and the first steps are small baby steps but they do matter! Your first goal might be just to stick to your alarm and you will feel great about it. After succesfully doing that stuff you will feel great (even greater if in NoFap).

    To give you some examples of how it should NOT be:
    -If I snooze my alarm and wake up at 9 instead of 6 I feel demotivated to do many things and this will continue throughout the day
    - Sometimes skipping brushing teeth because I think I will do it tonight anyway
    - Not eating a proper breakfast because I am literally lazy as a MFKER
    - Not immediatly cleaning dishes and leaving them for later
    - Not really paying attention to my hygiene like putting creams, gel, oil and such.

    Man, there are TREMENDOUS of examples I can give you.

    In fact, once you are in the flow of getting shit done, you will want to stay in it because it feels good. And when you get 1 free hour at the end of the day it will feel even beter and more deserved.

    By following this very simple approach your mental situation will improve incredibly. There will be no more weakness but Strength and Willpower!

    Guys: GOODLUCK!
    And let me know what you think about it.

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    Wow. This is some great insight, one of the best thread's I've seen. I absolutely agree, discipline is such a key factor. It is a building block of a foundation which is your life. I learned this myself a while ago. And now I try to do everything properly and with discipline. Even when it comes to simple things like dishes, I make myself do it because I can't stand not doing it. I know it will weaken me if I don't do it. In every way it is better to do it.

    I always know what I need to do, and I wholeheartedly know other people know what is the right thing to do as well. But they don't do it, and it leads to problems. I know what the consequences are and what I will gain from disciplined hard work, even with just simple things. Sometimes I've felt abnormal about my thinking but over time I've understood that not everyone has the mindset. Some people like to be mediocre, but I don't want to settle. Some people also don't have the burn in their heart to succeed and improve. It's been important for me to understand these things to avoid adapting a herd mentality.

    Also I would like to add something that's been on my mind lately. It's about losing focus and being short-sighted. This is something very critical that I've came to find out in my own life. Your mind can get easily cloud up and you lose the vision of your goals. Instead of working hard towards them, you turn to meaningless instant gratification. Every time you do this, you are prolonging reaching your goals and also weakening yourself. This is something you need to keep in your mind. It might be hard but if you don't do things properly and stay committed, one day you will regret.

    Thanks for this post, always good to get reminders about what truly matters. See you in the better future.

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  3. Coolbreeze

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    Good to see that the post has given you some good insights into what really matters for us. After having read your post, I wanted to share something else with you.

    After careful consideration we can say it is quite logical for some of us to be depressed. By being disciplined it becomes easier to get to really know yourself and I have figured out that I am quite the perfectionist. Now, let me explain what I mean by, logically depressed.

    Even though we should not compare ourselves to others, my mind tends to do this a lot. I compare myself to my peers and I can say that:
    - I passed school with much higher grades. I passed it at a higher level and also at a higher pace. Which is quite amazing.
    - I have BY FAR the best summer body. I am nearly 85KG, 1,83m and FULL of muscle. Less than 8%body fat.
    - I speak 4 Languages fluently and in addition I speak Spanish advanced.
    - I turned 22 two months ago.

    Now, I did not write this to brag about it. I wrote it because I am aware of my achievements and know that it has already brought me significantly further than my peers. HOWEVER, there is a reason I came this far. I am a perfectionist and always want more. If I neglect my progress just even a little bit I might turn slowly towards depression and anxiousness where others simply wouldn't because they don't care half as much. This is not to be judged good or bad. But after reading your post I can probably tell me have this in common and you do not take 80% results as sufficient.

    Therefore. For us. This whole thing is ESPECIALLY useful.

    See you in the better future my man!
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    You are a super human man :D . I love hearing about people doing so good, better than me in many ways. I have came to find out the feeling humble is something I seek. How do you handle feelings of arrogance?

    Sometimes I can even feel bad about my own success even if I've worked very hard for it. Maybe I don't feel that I worked hard enough for it? I feel bad about the fact that I can get everything that I want, and someone else can't. Why do I care about the success of others? It's been on my mind for a while now. I have a feeling that I can have anything I want as long as I work for it. But there are others who can't have the things even if they try. I struggle to get rid of this thought. I'm trying to only focus on my self. After all, what I've done in the past is something that nobody would want to do. If someone wanted to trade places with me, I would show them a picture of what I looked like before and tell who I was back then. They wouldn't be ready to go through all of that.

    I would hate to get super rich all of a sudden, that would make me very empty on the inside. Nothing can ever compare the journey I have taken to see who I really am. I don't desire things such as a nice car anymore for the sake of it. I would love to have a car that I really enjoy, one that would actually benefit me positively.
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    @Coolbreeze we have one thing in common: a big ego. Not that it's a bad thing, but it's correlated with perfectionism. I've met older and wiser people who are or were high-achievers: all of them told me they had big insecurities despite their achievements, and many of them suffered from depression or anxiety at some point.
    When you set high expectations for yourself, it's not surprising that not meeting them affects how you perceive your own worth. Things can go two ways: either you push yourself above and beyond until you are burnt up to the bone and realize it didn't matter that much in the end, or you can lower those expectations and go easier on yourself.
    So I don't think discipline is the end-all-be-all that will unlock everything in life. It is definitely essential to some degree, but you need rest, wisdom and peace with yourself as well.
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    wow I'm not giving myself any excuses in improving myself to be a successful man in this world and the next.NO MORE LOWER STANDARDS
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