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    Regarding PMO, I'm on the point where I know there is no reason to going back to that, because it will not bring anything good for my life.

    Now I am facing my own demons, everything I been avoiding, sooner or later, the time comes for all of us when we have to face ourselves. The more we avoid it, the stronger it becomes. Life is wise, before it teach you by the hard way, it is better to vindicate yourself.

    ¿You know what? Its difficult to me to find a true connection with someone, most of the people I know talk about too superficial topics, which for me have very little relevance, or I am not excited to talk about it.

    News, football, entertainment, gossip, I really am not at all passionate to talking about it ... That is why I feel accompanied, but alone. So I have no choice but to face myself and be with myself, now I want to know what I can learn passing time with myself.

    Have you ever felt like this? Does anyone feel like this right now?
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    I had felt that way for a long time about small talk, until I realized that many people (not all) use small talk as a vehicle to more important topics. As you get to know people in those small ways, they will open up to you in big ones as they become more comfortable. Taking a cynical approach is a sure way to never connect with anyone.
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    Well I think when you talk to people you can impose your own topic. When you are talking about something you are really passionate about they will listen to you and even ask questions. Even if they are not interested in a topic itself they could be interested in "why are you so passionate about it" and/or in you if they find you an interesting person. In my experience, if you are really passionate about something, they will definitely find you an interesting person at least if they really care about you. If you do not have any hobbies, just try something new, you will be surprised how much fun are things that seem not to be at first glance.
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    There’s really not much I can add. These other guys have covered it pretty well. Just hang in there and embrace the things that make you happy! Go out and enjoy life. If other people see that, they’ll wonder why you’re enjoying yourself so freaking much and they’ll want in on it too! Then you have an easy way to meet people that are interested in the same things as you and you’ll have an easier time getting to the topics you like talking about!
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