Discovering the cause: free time?

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  1. It is understood we can relapse after being triggered, after not being able to coupe with stress. But what I can't understand is that when all my studies are over with the semester, why do I relapse?

    Am I bored? I am enjoying reading my novels.
    Am I lonely? What is loneliness. I don't desire company.
    Am I afraid of my career?
    I am always restless and can't relax even when it is time to relax.

    Friends. Help me discover the cause. For my part, I will keep trying. I will keep repenting. Thanks
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    I think "free time"--or perhaps more accurately, idle time, or time with no purpose--is one of my biggest danger zones.

    In order to keep myself from relapsing, I need to fill my day with healthy activities. Read books, exercise, catch up with friends, clean up my pad, practice my professional craft ... anything to keep me moving in a positive direction. Otherwise, if I'm just sitting there and twiddling my thumbs, it's only a matter of time before I'm twiddling my junk.
  3. you fap because you want to do it. If you don't want to fap, you don't. If you kind of want to fap, then you will, which is our weakness. You will only stop fapping when you don't, 100% don't want to do it
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