DISCOVERY! Amazing effects and steps on enjoying NoFap/ Semen Retention.

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    I know it's hard.
    We all suffer from reboot. The lidibo is crawling especially after few weeks and months of abstaining. BUT in my experience, all i can say is you need MINDSET to fight these demons.
    How? By using your most painful experience brought about excessive PMO. Here's mine:
    - limp dick during sex. women got bored and is not satisfied. (I have gf plus some of hook ups)
    - cant change sex position. will result in a dead fish penile limp.
    - penile numbness. cant appreciate real vagina due to hard rubbing by hands.
    - premature ejac. seriously
    - unsatisfied orgasm.
    - extreme social anxiety
    - extreme depression
    - extreme mind fogginess
    - literally become stupid mentally. cant think properly
    - decreased intellectual reflexes, affecting my daily life.
    - sunken and zombie eyes. looks really drained.
    - no motivation to talk to random strangers especially women.
    - cant even fcking maintain eye contact.

    I can go on and on. The list is thousands. All I can say is that SEMEN RETENTION has a lot to do with all your masculinity. You see, our semen creates life and as other articles say, it requires tremendous amount of energy to create it. Now guys, how will you redirect this masculine energy once you store it / doing nofap?


    You see, even when you do nofap it will NEVER make you a better man. Why? Because all of these are SKILLS. they MUST be learned and practiced. You wont get good at basketball when you do nofap. Hell you wont get easily good seducing that women. You wont have a business instantly when you do nofap.
    Now going back. The greatest energy of a man is his Sexual Energy. It is the main reason why you wake up, get out, talk to someone, do something, move, run, feel happy. BUT in today's world, this built up energy is WASTED by just spraying your seed in front of your computer. So the next day? You feel shit. You feel unmotivated. You feel just staying in your bed.

    Sexual Transmutation means:
    1.) do nofap / sperm retention
    2.) hold on for 1 week to months
    3.) CREATE A GOAL (eg. Read a book, Study a skill, Plan your business)
    4.) Hold that DESIRE brought about sexual energy and USE it to become motivated / get moving to your goals and project.

    Sperm Retention = Male energy
    Male energy = Desire / Motivation
    Desire = the power to do ACTION

    For me, use nofap to feel the incredible energy (as they always say) then transfer it to other things. Why? Because if you dont set goals/plans, this energy will only end up into WANKING.

    This is the true start of your transformation. So, Nofap + Goals = Self Improvement.

    BTW before i go, here's what sexual energy did to me after just one week of no PMO.
    ✓ easy to fall asleep
    ✓ great morning. very clear mind.
    ✓ my eye vision is wider and clearer.
    ✓ tiger eye contact
    ✓ overall happy and energetic
    ✓ super rock hard erections. i can go 20-30mins without any sign of penile limp.
    ✓ GF is amazed by my rock hard erection and enjoys it. Literally!
    ✓ subconscious mental reflex. I dont know but i think very fast.
    ✓ motivated to do what i think and plan.
    ✓ lastly: got all of my projects DONE. thanks to the built up sexual energy. I have transferred all of my lust into goals.

    Again, my main reason everytime i wanna peak at porn? That limp dick and depression. i dont want to experience that again.

    Goodluck everyone!
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    Great post man
  3. Great story! Day 21 here, moving on from porn & masturbation, just sex with my beautiful wife :)
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    Happy to hear that bro. Real sex produces testosterone. It makes us manly. Rubbing with your hands doesnt ;--)
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    Inspiring and true.
    Thanks man
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    You couldn't have been more exact about this!

    Great post and inspired. Good luck!
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    How long do I have to be on nofap to cure PIED?
  8. Mr. Catwalk Runway

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    I don't think anyone can answer that.

    I have seen people complain after a year clean which means something else is wrong with their health.

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