DISCUSS: Do you become less picky as you age?

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Did you become less picky about women as you grew up?

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  1. Blackest_Sheep000

    Blackest_Sheep000 Fapstronaut

    The title says it all really.

    My personal experience:
    Started thinking about women the dirty way since I’ve hit puberty when I was 13.

    During my early teen years (13-17) my standards were ridiculously high. The girl had to have big tits and a pretty looking face to be attractive enough.

    During my late teen (18-20) My pool of attractiveness widened and although the above parameters (cute face and big tits) still ruled, now I had started digging girls with a big butt and smooth legs/hands as well. And it wasn’t just biology that turned me off, a woman’s status too would kill my interest (for instance if she was a single mom or divorcée then I wouldn’t hit on a girl)

    Ages 20-22: By now my standards had dropped a lot. Maybe years of being a virgin and women not digging me subconsciously played a huge part in this change but now big tits and a big ass was not a must. Even girls with smaller tits and a medium sized ass with an okay looking average Jane face were fair game.

    I met my one and only ex around this time. She was pretty, had a slim figure, a modest butt and b/c cup tits. We were together for only a year but I was really happy and had little to no complains about her sexiness.

    Been single since 23 years old (no kisses ever since & only a couple of hugs on two failed dates since my breakup)

    I’m 26 now and my standards have now expanded significantly compared to what they were ten years ago. Don’t care if the lady has negligible boobs/ass or if she looks “just ok” or if she is a single mom or even a felon! I am willing to bring it on with pretty much any half decent woman.

    The only deal breakers for me now are:
    1. If the woman is married
    2. If she has an ugly face
    3. If she has a completely flat countertop chest
    4. If she’s significantly darker than me (sorry just my personal preference I like girls my own skin tone or lighter than me)
    5. If she has some sort of communicable disease or is severely physically disabled or mentally challenged.

    So what I’d like to discuss with you guys is if anyone else has also experienced this kind of “broadening of horizons” so to speak with regards to Attractiveness and has anyone else experienced this drop in standards over your lifetime?
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  2. Infrasapiens

    Infrasapiens Fapstronaut

    I actually do not have any big requirements. If it is easy to look at her face and she makes me feel good then that is all I need. Of course I have prefferences, but I've found myself falling for someone who is the exact opposite of that.
  3. I would say I am less picky about some things, but more particular about others. My standards for superficial things have changed, like attraction and having all of the same hobbies and such. But my standards for deeper things are higher. I don't really care to hang out with people who just want to like party and hang out.

    I just got back from a girl's trip with some friends who are so great and we spent the whole weekend talking about God, spirituality, past trauma, our sex lives and struggles with porn and masturbation, difficulties in marriage and all kinds of other stuff. Those are the kind of relationships I'm interested in having at this point in my life, and unlike when I was younger, I'm not really interested in spending tons of time just chilling with people who want to talk about superficial things and not really get to know each other deeply.
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  4. Blackest_Sheep000

    Blackest_Sheep000 Fapstronaut

    So basically your standards of attractiveness have remained constant throughout your lifetime?

    @Castielle - So you’re like me when it comes to physical attractiveness (your standards have gone down as you’ve aged) but still have high standards when it comes to personality/behavior.


    Hey guys more responses (and poll votes!) would be appreciated. I was recently temporarily muted so I want to establish a few trends in my time here. The trend/theory I am wanting to establish here is that the pickiness in men is inversely proportional to their age.
  5. With time, hopefully, people learn to recognize what really matters and what doesn't. So, I would say, yes in some sort of way.

    :) Have a nice nofap day!
  6. Interesting question.

    With time I have maintained my standards but I do not look my age (37) i usually am told i look 25-26.

    I am in good shape but when I felt out of shape I noticed I was much more lax in my requirements. That period lasted about 2-3 weeks.
  7. ya because i realize that each day that goes by we approach the date we die on
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  8. TwelveFoot

    TwelveFoot Fapstronaut

    I would say I'm more picky as I get older. But about deeper compatibilities, not physical attractiveness. And this is honestly based on almost no experience, so take it with a grain of salt.
  9. Thing what you need to change is your value(gym,fashion, purpose), not your standarts ;)
  10. fredisthebes

    fredisthebes Fapstronaut

    Teenage years: not picky at all, but as I was an awkward skinny teenage boy nobody cared anyway.
    18-29 - a lot higher standards looks-wise, but wasn't put off by poor personality, reputation etc.
    30+ - become a lot more relaxed about looks, as mine decline, don't mind a bit cuddly etc. But a lot more choosy personality wise. I would be completely put off by a girl who treated an ex badly for example, no matter what the so called explanation, if she took revenge or cheated etc. she will do the same to you once she is bored of you - run a mile.
  11. Blackest_Sheep000

    Blackest_Sheep000 Fapstronaut

    Liking the replies so far. Would really appreciate more opinions on this subject though.

    Also, please don’t forget to vote!

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