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  2. Stay the same - just "Like"

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  1. We're considering adding other options aside from "like" such as "good advice", "information", "encouraging", "repost", etc. As you can tell, some of them are positive tags, some are negative tags. Would you prefer something more sophisticated, similar to what Facebook has, or keep it as just "like"?
  2. The_Monk

    The_Monk Guest

    Something more sophisticated..
  3. Knowing how my brain works, if there would be too many options I probably would not bother to press any of them. If there is only one it takes less mental effort to use it that if there are many options. Or maybe I would just ignore most of them and just use Like, like I did so far. So yea, definitely prefer it to be as simplistic as possible.
  4. i_wanna_get_better1

    i_wanna_get_better1 Fapstronaut

    'Liking' something doesn't always mean that you technically liked it. We use it many times to acknowledge that we've read it. Everybody wants to feel that they are being heard and it's an imperfect way of saying 'I hear you'. However not all posts are positive and 'liking' a sad post isn't the most appropriate response. On the other hand some posts are so inspirational that we want to bookmark it. So my two recommendations are something that conveys support/empathy/sadness and something that saves to a favorites list. But please don't go overboard and turn it into an emoji-fest. Please keep it simple.
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  5. i enjoy the simple like buttonnn
    i use the like button because i may like what someone said/agreed with it or to bookmark a quote/paragraph someone wrote that i liked (becausse i agreed with it, want to ponder it, wish to remember it by looking back it)

    i think if you were to add any button at all a dislike button wouldnt be too awful. then we dont even really have to post why we disliked (our opinions) we can just let someone know we disliked it..so that others can see what we dislike and think about it, know more what we stand and dont stand for ~
    idk what other ideas for buttons there are ..
  6. Aiyoshi

    Aiyoshi Fapstronaut

    How about we have more than 50 likes per 12 hours intead?
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  7. Estus

    Estus Banned

    Remove the likes, they cause peer pressure and feed into a dopamine response.
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  8. Very interesting
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  9. HappyDaysAreHereAgain

    HappyDaysAreHereAgain Fapstronaut

    Like - This is a good comment that I like.

    I like it because:
    Thanks - This post answers my question; it is relevant to my issue and helpful.
    Interesting - This post gives me something to think about.
    Motivating - This post is a kick in the butt that encourages me to keep rebooting.
    Inspirational - This post inspires my spirit.
    Self revealing - This post demonstrates an openness and self discovery.

    Maybe you could offer an optional second level option showing why it deserves a like.
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  10. IggyIshness

    IggyIshness Fapstronaut

    Dont excercise it releases dopamine
  11. The Consigliere

    The Consigliere Fapstronaut

    I would definitely like to see this. Would allow for us to give a more defined opinion via a vote and vice versa. I had plans on suggesting this at some point, but you beat me to it, Alex!
  12. Survivalist

    Survivalist Distinguished Fapstronaut

    People don't just get used to new stuff fast. But I'm just saying this addition would be great.
    Im getting my 2k likes soon. Getting addicted to this now lol. :(
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  13. > Like - Good job!
    > I hear you - Cool story bro
    > Get your shit together - Don't give up!

  14. I would need the third one a lot, pls make it a thing :(
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  15. Survivalist

    Survivalist Distinguished Fapstronaut

    Would like to see this !
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  16. JonTableau

    JonTableau Fapstronaut

    Bit of a tricky design situation. I most prefer the facebook-style--and have it so that my default, the lowest-effort action (clicking it once) by default does a like, but something analogous to a "long-press" yields additional options.

    I'm unsure if this is the exact mechanism facebook has, but I suggest that clicking once defaults to "like", but then clicking on it after you've "liked" the post then brings up a menu of other options, one of which is "remove like".
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  17. NightReaper775

    NightReaper775 Fapstronaut

    That "removal" is too tricky also. You could have "like" as a big default option, and other ways of rating a post as "other options" or "more".
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  18. VagueUnicorn

    VagueUnicorn Fapstronaut

    Adding some option will address a good or bad feedback. "Like" "Dislike" "Share" "Hug" etc.

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