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  1. might be useful to be able to tag posts for re reading later. Something like "life tools", Inspirational etc.
  2. Just the like button. Having a dislike button may discourage people from posting and speaking their mind. If someone does not like my post, then they can just scroll past it. No issues. But if they dislike my post, I might feel like not posting here ever again.
  3. nofepper

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  4. We CAN Do This!

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    I've seen forums provide tools aside from 'like' such as 'thanks', 'agree', 'supportive' etc., and I think it would really work on this website, as NoFap is all about sharing feelings and opinions with each other, so adding more buttons would really help to provide an easier way to express these opinions.
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  5. Unjustfailure

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    "More options" is a really good idea
    Because that way we can quickly summarise "good advises", "tips"... or whatever is of importance from a thread no matter how big it is.
    It would be really interesting and useful if you could add a tool/option for the users to see from a particular thread only the posts with a specific "tag"
  6. Atlanticus

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    That last suggestion seems good to me: add an _optional_ second tier (like with eBay) where you can chose why you liked a post. That way the existing likes still make sense and those who like to choose further pre-formulated detail can do so. (Personally, I am more for comments, but I recognize that some may want to specify via a multiple-choice system.

    I'd keep the "primary" system as it is, but add a "dislike" option, the better to snuff out trolling, for instance.
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    For all of you using "like" to signify that you read a post, no wonder there is no meaning in the current like system. I have found big discrepancies in how many likes someone has and the usefulness/quality of the posts, now I know why. Since this is how it is being used, I agree with more options, which would allow one to find the most useful posters.

    But hopefully also, it would be possible to use these criteria when using the forum? Eg, if I could avoid all the "reposts", then it would be great.
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    I voted to keep it simple with just a "like" button but I agree with this completely. Too many options will ruin it, and the only real categories that seem useful are buttons to convey: 1. "I hear you", 2. "I agree and/or like what you said". Even the sad-face button on facebook is kind of lame... hearing someone is enough without having to label it.
  9. Bobbyhustle1

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    Sounds pretty beneficial honestly... more support from members
  10. Put in an SMH button and definitely a facepalm button!!
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  12. Rockyroad

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    I have contemplated other options outside of the standard 'like' response but it seems to work the best. This is not a standard social media outlet. The vast majority of people on here are not your friends or acquaintances but have access to your open and sometimes very private comments, while you approve others to generally see your information on other sites. People sometimes discuss the fragility of their motivations and the deepest fears when looking into the mirror. This site seems to have been created as a safe venue for individuals to understand how PMO has affected their lives. It is also a place were those individuals can discuss their challenges with others suffering from similar dilemmas. Dislikes will only bring discouragement in the long run. I don't want this to become a lazy yet bitter social networking site.

    Maybe if the clicking options were only positive. For instance, if the options were: 'motivational', 'eloquent', and 'like'. I'm just rattling out ideas. However, that might just lead to more problems as they might be similar to the original problem with the 'like' button, it is mostly about popularity. Those without many connections on here would receive less comments, even if his/her perspectives are thought-provoking. On a side note, if you really appreciated what someone posted, just add a comment telling the person why you liked it. This is all about encouragement. Okay, off my soapbox. :)
  13. Agreed that it would be nice to have a few more options. But it still needs to be simple
  14. Unjustfailure

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    Something that would be useful for everyone in the long term..
    If for a example the more"sophisticated" options could work also as some form of tag it would be really useful for all users to do a better more focused search in the future.
  15. Hello Alexander,

    I saw these on another XenForo forum and thought they would be great for this site.


    From left to right: like, LoL, Agree, Disagree, Helpful, Sad, Hugs, Awe, Smite, Kill it with fire, O'Rly, Taters, Facepalm, WTF, I call bullshit.

    I think all of them would be awesome on this forum. I know the facepalm would get a ton of use in the off-topic section. :D

    Anyway, just wanted to share them. Keep up the great work.
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  16. Ahh. Thanks for the link. If you want you can move this suggestion to that thread if that helps?
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