Distilled Water - The Secret Holy Grail

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    I've been holding off on posting any informative content regarding this topic, but after undergoing the experiment on thyself and obtaining amazing results, it is now time to share this information with this open minded community. By no means am I articulate in my wording, so bear with me.

    For many years I have been trying to figure out means of living a long, healthy, spirited, slow aging life. I've been researching pubmed articles, changing dietary habits, etc. etc. etc. I've been struggling with adhd, depression, anxiety, body aches, acne, stomach pains, hairloss, low energy, dis-motivation, etc. for many years - which became the reasoning behind such motives to seek out new implementations into my life to "fix" the issues.

    I always had a disbelief that the body over time just gets sick and then you have to pop prescription medication for the rest of your life to cope with the now unraveled sick decaying body. On the contrary, popping these prescription medications is a ticket to a faster death (look at those side effects!!!) What is remarkable is that thousands of years of evolution has given you a body to be able to fix itself - if given the right conditions.

    So what is this secret which I'm about to reveal to you?


    But not just any kind of water. I'm not talking about tap water, bottled water, mineral water, or alkaline water. The water which I present to you is distilled water, or pure H20. I say pure because not all water is pure. The purest form of water is rain water which is obtained by natures natural way of distillation .

    It is said that drinking mineral water is the best water as it has added minerals for our bodies. This claim is false. The reason behind this is due to the fact that such minerals are in so called inorganic form. Inorganic minerals are not absorbed by the body. What happens instead is that it accumulates in the body calcifying it in your bones, organs, kidneys, liver, etc. Given the condition that your body is made out of 70% water, it is near impossible for your body to detox all these inorganic minerals in the current polluted world. Your body runs on overload every single day constantly being in detox mode. From heavy metals, chemicals, pollution, cortisol, etc. how do you expect your body to do all of those things before such pollutants build up in your body. Well it cannot.

    So how do we obtain absorbable forms of organic minerals? Plants.

    You see what happens is that plants are the only multi cellular organisms that are able to convert inorganic minerals into organic form through photosynthesis. The rain water falls down from the heavens, merges with the soil filled with inorganic waste, and then the plant absorbs it all, gets a little sun and walla! You now have the absorbable minerals the body needs. Its as if plants are our own chef.

    The most toxic form of water is tap water. It is pure poison. All the water from your sewage, your toilet, ANY WASTE, it all goes to the treatment plant. It gets "recycled" from all the drug filled dirty toilet water and then put back into the water supply. This is what you would be putting into your body:
    -Inorganic Minerals

    Talking about detox...good luck allowing your body to detoxify all of that. All that will happen is that a very small portion of those will be removed while everything else just sits in there and accumulates.

    Distilled water, is by far, the most purest water for our body. The TDS is between 0-5 ppm. A TDS meter can be purchased and used to do these tests. The tap water in my area has a TDS around 200-250 ppm. Thats INSANE!

    What is powerful about distilled water is that it is negatively charged and acts like a magnet to attract and pull out anything that is positively charged in your body. Imaging drinking pure distilled water through the day and allowing all impurities to flow out....oh yes you will be surprised to see all those centimeter size stones floating in your toilet after releasing your stool - it means your liver was finally given some rest to start removing your body filled with all BS. And yes you will get detox symptoms. Nausea and fever like symptoms. Do not fear, as this is what you want to happen. It is only temporary.

    Another important point I would like to mention is that distilled water is not electrically conductive - meaning that electricity is not able to move through it. Just think about that for a moment, and think about all the electricity around you. The wifi, internet, satellites in the sky, your home ran on electricity. In theory, it would mean that your body being electrically charged is able to absorb all that is around you. Goddamn your body is made out of 70% water! Distilled water has no impurities, salts, or ions. Drinking anything other than than will allow your body to accumulate all of these impurities and become electrically conductive, thus absorbing all of that electricity around us. Your body and mind will deeply be effected. This information is something to greatly contemplate about.

    It is also said that distilled remove all the minerals in your body. 50/50 of this is true. It removes all the inorganic minerals from the body, while leaving alone those of which are organic.

    Anyway I have shared that which I was able to, and will add more information to this post. Sorry for such farts in my writing, just spitting out that which was accumulated in the mind. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

    Here are some very informative videos about distilled water, A+++ Content and I highly suggest you to guys to watch with interviews.

    Here is an amazing link with doctors preaching distilled water.



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  2. Nicko Stretch

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    Rain water has all sorts of junk in it that it picks up as it falls.
  3. Coco99

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    It's funny you post about this as I was just watching a video by sadhguru about this
  4. Exit the Matrix

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    I agree. This day and age rain water is polluted by all the chemicals in the atmosphere from automation to factories. Before the industrial revolution rain was nice and clean.
  5. Nicko Stretch

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    No it wasnt , it would have all sorts if dust and dessicated soil particles in it. It might even be acidic from volcanic eruptions.
  6. Di.Do.555

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    It is considered dead water.
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    The TDS is rain water varies from location to location. Usually between 00 - 20. Also depends on the method used for holding. Surely during the season of volcanoes, wind, etc there is dust collected, but there is an equilibrium created over time. But anything negative charged will collect positive charged impurities, which makes it so powerful. But hell I would rather drink something at that low a range than that which is in tap water or mineral water, which is over 200 TDS. "Clean" is considered extremely low in TDS.

    I'm not saying to drink rain water as it would be a hassle. You can do so by putting out a glass tray in the yard and collecting some and testing the TDS to see its purity.

    The suggested easy usage when it comes to drinking distilled water is by purchasing gallon jugs at your local grocery store. At tops it will be a TDS of 5 because the water would be leaching off the plastic jug as it would anything.

    The best way to get your water distilled would be purchasing a water distillation system which would read 0 TDI.
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    Ahh the beauty of dead water. Want to know a fun fact ? Dandruff is caused by the buildup of minerals on your scalp due to taking a shower. Tap water = hard water.
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    Tap water is bad for you either way, full of fluoride and estrogen polluting our precious bodily fluids.
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    This is kinda goofy lol
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    What about minerals where to get them? I think water in my area has loads of fluoride and pesticide in it. My TDS meter reads about 200 even after using a not so good filter. But what about minerals like magnesium which we would got in that water?
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    not sure why people aren’t more appreciative and excited. Excellent find OP!!!

    Is distilled water the same as reverse osmosis water? And at my college they have these water stations where you put your water bottle near the sensor and it pours out water. Would you know what kind of water schools give
  13. Exit the Matrix

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    The minerals in water are in 'inorganic' form, or not absorbable by the body.

    Plants take these inorganic minerals and convert them into organic form. Thus when we eat a fruit or vegetable we are consuming converted minerals readily to be absorb by the body.
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    Reverse osmosis water will do just fine. If you choose to drink bottled water Aquafina is the go to as it is reverse osmosis with a TDs around 15. You wont have a concentration of junk originally found in tap water which will destroy your manhood and your health. Past 30 years men's testosterone dropped by around 30%.

    I believe those machines in your school with the sensor to fill your bottle water is tap water. If you want to be sure just buy a TDS meter and test the water out, as weird as it may seem. $7 on amazon an investment which will last a lifetime.
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