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    My advice is to stay away from them. Many of them will accuse their ex for all of her problems, and they could be completely right to point a finger at him, but just remember this, she chose him. I’m talking about women who got married voluntarily, and not about women who get cheated or forced into unwanted marriage. If she married this guy that she is now complaining about don't you think that something is wrong about her estimations of other people. If the guy was such asshole what do you think her personality is? Is it likely that she is also bad person, or is it likely that she is
    saint, what do you think? On the other hand you have women who got divorced because man left them, what about them? Well you better have your eyes wide open when you are around this kind of women, because usually it is not a man who is this big embodiment of evil, it is more likely that her personality is unbearable and problematic so much so that this guy had to leave his marriage or even worst his kids behind because he couldn't stand her. High quality women, desirable women don't get left behind that easily. If you see divorced women or single mother, ask yourself 3 questions: 1) Do I really want to know that her ex was the source of all problems or she was?
    2)Am I convinced that marriage with her will be this time lasting one?
    3)And do I have good lawyer?

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    This is an oversimplification (although the likelihood of this being true increases with the amount of divorces one has). But I know several women around me who are divorced, not because of their husband’s personality, but because of their husband’s preferences. Their divorces happened because their husbands preferred drugs (or *cough*porn*cough*) over a happy marriage or dependability, and unlike their personality, these filthy habits are easy to hide until they burst through in a moment of distress. And, from experience, marriage has tremendous stress that casual friendships or even dating don’t have.

    In those cases, not being open is the culprit, and it *is* the offender’s fault.

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