Djokovic wins the French Open coming down from 2 sets to love, and is the GOAT

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  1. Federer is my favorite player and I always cheer for him. But after watching these big 3 careers, explain to me how Novak isn't better than federer? H2h, important matches,
    3-0 in Wimbledon finals on Fed's favorite surface. Longest weeks at #1. Most masters titles. Other than the elegance and beauty in Fed's game, how can you deny djokovic is better? What's the logic? I'm curious because maybe aside from what I mentioned, there is another stat

    Here is a youtube video of the ending of the finals from today
    Novak Djokovic vs Tsitsipas - Match point and celebration - YouTube
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    Felt bad for Tsitsi, he was really depressed after losing and also his grandma died before the match.

    Tsitsi is gonna be a great player one day, but Novak is GOAT.

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