Do all men who masturbate experience hairloss?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Angryme, Nov 12, 2020.

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    I want to know all people experience hairloss masturbating years? Do u feel ur body and facial itch after masturbating? Do u feel pain in ur body after cum?
  2. For me, I did experience hair loss after encountering something so embarrassing and scary that it made me lose face. I think I flapped few times after I stopped doing Nofap for religious purposes.

    My hair is little better. I guess intermittent fasting for 2 weeks during my 72 Day streak made my hair grew a little. Maybe if I do intermittent fasting for 2 months, I'll have more hair and people will tell me so.

    Edit: I lowered my stress. I'm not as stressed out as before. Maybe mitigating stress helps you more in every aspect of your life, such as bodyweight.
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  3. No, masturbation doesn't hurt your body nor makes you lose hair.

    Addiction to porn and compulsive masturbation is bad for your psyche.
  4. Masturbation may not be directly related to hair loss, but it is known to have other harmful effects on the body. I listed many of these side effects in a post on another thread, linked below.
  5. Of course it does. I have experienced it. Due to semen loss my hair growth was slowed and my hair line was receding. Every day my vest was full of chest hairs. My chest hairs were breaking so speedily. My beared hair were becoming thinner and they were turning orange from dark brown colour. Today I'm on day day 43 of nofap. And I'm glad to say that my beard's hair are thicker and darker now and they are turning to their natural colour back. And my hairs are more shiner than before. Even the numbers of hair of my chest that i was losing everday before have significantly reduced.
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    I heard that the taller you are, the more likely you will go hairless as you age, so being very tall isn’t always an advantage. So far I know two men whose height are above average and lost their head of hair. Also genetic might be involved with hairloss. I M on and off since age 12 and my head of hair still growing fast and thick. I’m in my 30s.
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    yes it does. Masturbation will always harm you even if done once and will make you lose hair. My hair was so healthy until I started masturbating and it began falling out easily. Sperm contains zinc which is used to make hair healthy. If zinc is lost then the hair is no longer healthy
  8. Envoy-ofthe-End

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    You obviously don´t know what you´re talking about. Masturbation is a weak mentality that weakens your body as a man. Yeah you might not notice a difference if you´re a sedentary man that doesn´t do anything but if you have an active lifestyle or just simply want to get stronger, busting your load is a huge factor in losing strength and stamina. Also your body knows the difference between your hand and sex.

    It might not "hurt" you, but overall it´ll make you a less effective person but I guess that depends on what you want out of life.
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    dont to be harsh to exfetihist there is evidence that nofap can have prostate cancer increased
  10. Short answer: Not all do, but maybe some do.
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  11. All the effects you describe are effects on the psyche and don't depend on masturbation itself but on frequency / compulsiveness and porn / fantasy involved.

    Claiming masturbation makes you lose hair is just lunatic and insane. Likewise you are speaking of losing "strength and stamina" : where is the scientific source proving that this is true?
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  12. Show me a scientific paper describing this effect. Otherwise I won't believe it.
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  13. It is a fact that zinc is the most significant element, in terms of its percentage and importance to the endocrine system and body, to be lost in each ejaculation. Many scientific studies will corroborate this fact, and the average number of milligrams of zinc in the ejaculate has even been quantified.

    It is also a fact that zinc is important to the health of both hair and nails--with the effects of deficiency being more visibly apparent in the latter, via the occurrences of white spots in the nails, or "zinc spots." The technical term for these spots is "leukonychia," and zinc deficiency is the primary causative factor.

    Both hair and nails are composed of mineral-rich proteins that require certain elements to keep them in their natural, healthy state. Other elements, including toxins, may also be excreted from the body via the hair and nails, accounting for their laboratory relevance in determining the mineral composition of the body.

    While I have not researched the relationship between zinc deficiency and hair loss, it is certainly possible that they are connected. I would tend to respect the anecdotal evidences of those who have experienced hair loss which they believe was connected to their habits of masturbation, as it certainly would be a reasonable conclusion.
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  14. Nah, I'm pretty sure balding just depends on your genetics.
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  15. Envoy-ofthe-End

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    Yeah keep relying on your "science" for the truth, just as you probably use a mask because of "science." If you want to pleasure yourself and remain weak, keep believing the lies.

    How about shoot your load everyday without porn, just your hand. Lift big weights and do cardio. See if you make any significant gains. Oh and, doing TRT doesn´t count.
  16. I didn't say porn is good. I didn't say compulsive masturbation is good.

    You see there is a huge difference between watching hardcore porn everyday for an hour and MOing once every two weeks for 10 minutes.

    Concerning corona : There does not seem to be scientific consenus how good masks stop the spread of the virus. Further science shows that the corona virus is not dangerous to people of age < 70. Here we can see a fatality rate of 0.05%. Science isn't as straightforward as you may think and science is slow.

    Btw in germany we have to wear a mask by law. Otherwise I wouldn't wear one and I don't like it either. But this has nothing to do with the question at hand.
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    I understand you regarding the mask, here in Spain it is much worse. It seems the countries with the most immigrants are the ones with the most totalitarian lockdowns. Even in Wuhan, China they aren´t wearing it anymore.

    It´s up to you or anyone if they want to masturbate. I believe if we abstain, we as men will gain a stronger mentality and seek pleasure from the small things in life.
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  18. Nautica

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    First of all, science IS IRRELEVANT. Many people on the forum and subreddit have claimed that quitting masturbation had given them better hair/hair regrowth, beard growth, cleared acne, better skin, growth spurts, more body development etc.

    You know how some people can eat a bunch of junk food and break out in acne while others won't even get a single pimple? That's because of genetics. Which is exactly how nofap affects someone, the side effects someone gets just depends on what they are genetically susceptible too from masturbation.

    I don't know why this is a hard concept for some people on here to understand. People on here need to stop saying Fapping causes or dosent cause this or that physical change, because not everyone is affected the same by fapping.
  19. Lufaro

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    If there are scientifical studies about hair regrowth by avoiding masturbation, it means that it could be true, but if there aren't it means that what some people say is not enough to demonstrate something difficult.

    You talk about other benefits like: acne, better skin etc. but they could be not the effect of just avoiding masturbation.
    Some people during the period of NoFap decides to change their life: eating healthy, working out, go out for a walk and get some sun... For this reason other life parameters could improve. For example if you get out from PMO, but you eat bad, you could not improve your acne problems.

    My answer is that there isn't a proof (until it will be demonstrate), but obviously avoid PMO could be good because you change your life in 360°.

    Science is very rilevant. Science can't give us all the answers of the world, but when it does it, we are more sure to be near the truth.
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  20. Nautica

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    Like I said, that all boils down to genetics. Your example of "if you do nofap but eat bad you won't improve your acne" that is false because like I said before, acne is caused by many different things, it can be food related, hormonal related, hygenic related etc. Their are people who have to change their pillow cases every night to avoid acne, their are people have to avoid dairy to avoid acne, their are people whom have to avoid sugars to avoid acne, while others don't have to do any of that. Why? Genetic susceptibility. I can tell you from my experience, excercising, lifting weights, getting sun, eating healthy etc did not improve my acne or hair whatsoever If I was still pmoing.

    In past times involving science people would think people who did chemistry were witches or practicing with craft and that this couldn't cure this problem or that problem because they only believed in their mainstream beliefs of what worked and what didn't. Let's say you found the cure to small pox was snake venom, but back in that time snake venom was unknown to the majority. People would think you were insane because their science couldn't explain it.

    Just because science hasn't found any evidence for something dosent mean it's wrong. Have you ever thought that science itself was wrong?

    Btw I believe that it has to do with DHT and testosterone. Something about masturbation converts free testosterone into DHT and one of those can cause hairloss I believe, you'll have to do a Google search. So it would just depends on how susceptible you are to your test being converted in DHT.
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