Do any of you suffer from any mental illnesses?

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    Wanted to make a post to see if there were any other sufferers of any kind of mental illnesses from all walks of life. Men, women, trans, old, young, from any part of the world on this forum.
    I myself am a sufferer of Bipolar II, Major Depression, C-PTSD, Anxiety, Insomnia, and that's it so far as I know.
    It's not something I would tell people in my real day to day life unless it concerned them, which it usually does not; but I wanted to hear other people's stories about this. Sometimes these things can feel so debilitating and so lonesome.
    I came here wondering if you noticed any changes on your NoFap journey on your mental state whilst being sober, when you relapse, etc etc.
    When did you know that you had any of these illnesses, and what do you do to alleviate them?
    Do you go to therapy?
    Take meds?
    How does this affect your NoFap journey?

    I know I shouldn't be, but I am off meds as I found every one of them have negative side effects that greatly outweight the positive. I am trying to get back into therapy, I meditate and workout and attempt to eat healthier than I used to. I don't do drugs, barely drink alcohol, and I'm out of dating at the moment. I am trying to steer clear from any breakdowns and working on myself to the tee.
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    Chronic depression and BPD. Will take Abilify for the rest of my life. Fun :)
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    My condolences.
    How long have you known about this?
    How does this affect your nofap journey?

    And have you been off your meds to observe the differences between being on and off?
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  4. Dysthymia or Persistent Depressive Disoder, OCD, maybe ADHD.
    10+ years on meds.

    I'll come back later to answer more.
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    That's rough, I am sorry you have to deal with that.
    Have you ever observed yourself off and on meds?

    And same question for you, how does all this affect your nofap journey?

    I know for me, it affects me that when I abstain from pmo, my stomach gets serious anxious emotions to the point of nausea at times.
    It's always in the mornings as well, or right before I'm about to sleep.
    Abstaining makes all these feel better, but when the urges come, so do all the symptoms of thick depression and the tick-tocking of anxiety.
    I watch what I eat to alleviate my symptoms, as well as exercise and meditate.
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    I have known since 2015 I think, was diagnosed at this period but have been suffering from it from at least 2012 for BPD and late childhood for depression. It affects NoFap the way it affects my entire life, no real difference. I have. I literally cannot, and am not allowed to, go off my meds for more than 5 days. I get extremely compulsive, and I start derealising and depersonalising
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    I do not know whether it's technically classified as one, but I consider pornography addiction a mental illness, so yes. But other than that I have a lot of anxiety, especially social anxiety (manifests as borderline panic attacks, stomach pain, dizziness, etc, etc), and depression (at times to a point of passive suicidal ideation). I have not been officially diagnosed yet with these things though, but I don't need an MD telling me that I am covered in horse shit, when I am laying face down in it—I can tell what I feel and it's rather fucking obvious. My aversion towards seeking mental help is a differnt topic, not getting into it now, all though it would surely be good idea to get officially diagnosed at some point, so maybe I could start therapy, or at least get on some meds...

    I have felt the way I feel since about age of 14 maybe. Although I did not put a label on it till my mid 20s—back then I didn't even knew what things like depression was—the mental health education in this country is utter garbage and the social stigma surrounding it is insanely huge and toxic.
    There are changes for the better when I do nofap, only slightly during this streak tho (I think 'cause I am going through a porn detox of sorts), but I had streaks in the past where the improvement was absolutely massive! But when I PMO it amplifies all of my mental issues and makes my state of mind so much worse.
    It's hard to start abstaining when you feel like shit, and more I PMO the more I feel like shit, so it can be a vicious cycle sometimes.
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  8. Thanks
    The first time I diminished the dose of antidepressants I noticed a quick increase of urges.
    Sometimes a bad emotional state can trigger urges.
    And also, when I do M, usually this causes my emotions go bad (sad, self-disappointed, self-hatred)
    But when I'm free of M I feel better.
    Yes, it is said that exercise is very good to improve mental and physical health.
    I also try to eat healthy, but prefer payer instead of meditation.
    Depression, when I was a teenager, but formal diagnosis arrived in adulthood, same for OCD.
    I suspected about ADHD being an adult and there is no confirmation yet.
    I take venlafaxine at high dose and aripiprazole at very low dose and also go to therapy.
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    If depression can be called a mental illness, then yes, I have it.
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  10. Yes, ADHD and perfectionism. I take medication for adhd and it seems to help me in all areas of my life. I just need to be better at remembering to take it.

    I understand what you mean when you say that you can’t talk to anyone about it because people just downplay your problems. Unfortunately unless you deal with mental health issues, you don’t understand.
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    I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia around 17 years ago, then later depression and anxiety. With help, I've managed to raise myself out of the hell that I'd call the mental illness in my life.

    I discovered online the symptoms of Schizophrenia and Bipolar I and II etc and diagnosed myself, at the age of 16. I didn't alleviate them, I ended up in a ward, there was little anyone could do.

    At first I'd just go to my Psychiatrist but later I was sent to a Therapist mostly for my anxiety and social isolation. I haven't been (to therapy) since the pandemic hit. Therapy helped me a lot, especially when I discovered this Forum.

    Yes, Abilify (for around 12 years now) and Faverine (for about 3 years). I haven't missed a day in a long while. For me, having the medications outweighs the deficits.

    As long as my mental health is stable it doesn't impact my NoFap journey. With this said, being free from the toxicity of Porn can really benefit how I feel and contribute to a healthier (more positive) mental state.

    Anyway, I hope you manage to find the answers you're after. I find it more helpful to focus on the present moment and do what you can for a better future. My way of coping with my mental illness has been to look at my past objectively and learn vital lessons from it rather than dwell on the emotions around it.
  12. Welcome to my word, just mostly Depression. I was diagnosed a long time ago with sever social disorder. I’m not sure why since I ended up talking to my therapist for an hour one day. I realized her therapy worked.
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  13. Severe Depression. I ended up dropping out of collage and felt separated from everyone after high school.

    I remember my return to P and I believe it caused it. I was on a Japanese site and there was a corner that I shouldn’t have gone. I remember that month it was weird like calling me back every day. I wanted to look at a Woman because I just felt pitty for myself.
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    That is rough. Do you tell anybody in your real day to day life about this?
    5 days ehh? Jesus. So I am assuming you have before. Any side effects to abilify?
    And dyu feel that meds have made your life better?
    Dyu go to therapy?
    Any other addictions?
    If you don't mind me asking.

    I would agree that pmo is to an extent, a mental illness, definitely, like drug addiction.
    I get the panic attacks as well and stomach pain and all those things you mentioned. That's rough man, my condolences.
    I would recommend getting yourself checked out to see what's going on to hit it head first.

    The mental health awareness brigade is all pizazz, flash, smoke and lasers, but there is still very surface level and misleading information out there about everything. So for sure it's garbage and the stigma is even worse due to lack of education of said subject.
    Relapses do seem to accentuate and even amplify said mental issues to the point of delirium.
    Do you do any exercise?
    What dyu do besides nofap to help self regulate?

    No problem, thank you for sharing and opening up about your struggles, I appreciate it!
    It's not easy to talk about and I believe having a space on here would help, not just us, but others who feel they can't talk about it.

    Are you still on antidepressants?
    And how long did it take for the side effects to subside?

    Yeah, M-ing without P can still be quite the mental pushback. I wanna know if it's like that for those who have no addiction to pmo,
    Or any kind of mental illness at all whatsoever.

    Interesting. Prayer is a form of meditation. That's good!
    Dyu have any other addictions beside pmo? If you don't mind me asking that is.

    Jeez man. Well, it seems like you are seeking help. Dyu feel it helps and makes things better? Has your life become better on meds?

    I empathize man. What dyu do to help you through it?
    Anything productive that helps you push through the bogging down?
    How long have you had it and when didja know?

    How long have you been taking your meds?
    Any side effects to the meds?
    And when did you find out you had ADHD?

    Exactly man. No matter how much mental health awareness has vastly progressed these past couple of years, there is still a lot of stigma, a taboo and an uncomfortable silence and awkwardness surrounding mental health.
    Depression and anxiety and insomnia are more of the openly talked about ones that people have no problem empathizing with
    And discussing openly about.
    But if you have any of the others that require meds, hospitalization, or anything like that, people treat you different.
    I despise telling others about it because then they take that label and treat you differently because of your mental health.
    It's dehumanizing, even if they feel its giving us special treatment, it's not.

    That's good to hear that you managed to wade through all that. What made you go in and get diagnosed for schizophrenia in the first place?
    Did you read about the symptoms? Did you feel something was off about yourself?

    That's awful man. I was almost hospitalized myself. Did you find that being in a ward helped?

    Therapy does help man. i myself stopped going since the pandemic hit back in 2020. I need to go back.

    What side effects dyu get from your meds?

    That's good man.
    It has been helping and its been cathartic to know there are others who deal with these things.
    My heart goes out to them and to you guys, thank you for sharing.
    It hurts to know others struggle as well, but it makes us feel less alone and not feel so alien with our eccentricities.

    That last sentence you wrote is beautiful. I agree, I need to start doing that again. It's been a while since I've done that, thank you.

    How long have you been in therapy?

    I empathize with the self isolation from people you know and dropping out.
    Do you take meds?

    Dyu do anything to help alleviate your symptoms? Besides abstain?

    Once again, thank you guys for responding to the forum. I appreciate it!
    It's been therapeutic.
    Having a job with all these things, when I go a night without sleep, I go into a mini panic attack due to being afraid of going hypomanic.
    And with having a job and having to work the next morning whilst hypomanic is nerve wracking.
    I don't want anyone to see me all fucked up out of my mind.
    It happened at my last job and I was barely getting any sleep at all.
    I thought I was gunna die the whole time.
    I have to watch what I eat, avoid caffeine, avoid staying up late at night,
    All this to make sure I don't go into an episode.
    Abstaining for me definitely helps with my mental health as it clears a lot of the fog.
    Also, another thing I have noticed during abstinence is that suppressed emotions come up with a vengeance,
    And that make it very hard to remain sober.
    I heard Bipolar gets worse as one gets older.
    Not gunna lie, it terrifies me a bit.
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    I try to go for a long walk at least once every day, it does calm me down a lot. I wanna start jogging eventually and start doing some strength training too. I used to be kind of fit many years ago and it helped a lot, since I got fat I feel so much worse. Now trying to build back up to it and eat healthy also. Yes it's super important to keep healthy when you have mental issues, I've seen both sides of it and I can tell for sure that exercise, plus a good diet, helps a lot, as opposed to being sedentary and eating crap, which makes it so much worse.
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    Mostly the need for medication to stabilize myself. I was on the verge of being hospitalized again, being in there once was enough, so I sought out a decent Psychiatrist and somehow got one - who put me on Abilify.

    Yes, there was certainly changes that I couldn't explain. The symptoms actually started early (around 13) but I didn't read that it could be mental illness until it was too late.

    Yeah it was awful, but I'm one of the fortunate ones tbh. I'm glad that you managed to avoid being hospitalized. I was pretty deep in psychosis, so yeah it helped as scary as it was. I was sedated for most of it, but I wasn't myself and I needed to be there.

    Abilify has been pretty good compared to the meds I've had in the past, though I do get longer sleep time from it plus I feel groggy when I get up, can't go out in the sun for too long, and it thins my blood. I've been lucky with it... Faverine basically got me out of a 3 month spell of deep depression, but also made me sleep longer.

    Not a worry, I don't often get an opportunity to write about my experiences with mental illness here so thank you. It's good that you care, don't ever lose that. There's a feeling of belonging that you can get from knowing the fact that there are others like you out there - and that you can get through this and that you can get better.
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  17. Off and on for about 20 years now. They make a big difference when it comes to productivity, emotional regulation and impulsivity.

    When I first started out, yes. But since then I have been able to find the right type and dosage and I don’t have a lot of side effects now. Maybe a headache here and there. Also, when the medication wears off at night I can get a bit moody at times.

    I found out in college. I was failing my classes. I wish I would have found out when I was in grade school. I struggled mightily. After diagnosis and meds I was able to graduate and even went on to get a master’s degree.

    Yeah, it’s sad that we can’t be more open about it with people. With ADHD, people just think you’re making excuses for being lazy. I can’t tell my work, I can’t tell my family. My wife knows and is supportive. She understands mental illness because she has anxiety.

    So I keep it to myself because, unless you have dealt with mental illness, you look at it superficially. “Trying Harder” doesn’t always work unfortunately.
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  18. BTW, thanks for starting this thread. It’s nice to be able to talk about it without being judged. :)
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    You should look into gut bacteria, Serotonin is largely made in the stomach. Anxiety/depression can stem from an unhealthy level of necessary gut bacteria. If you are eating junk food, you are setting yourself up for issues with inflammation. Mental health and inflammation are linked.

  20. Way back to almost decade ago, it helped. I recovered and became more social especially speaking with parents. It still felt like connections with friends was the real issue, but so knew I knew I had to make new ones.

    I used to take an anti depressant but I got sick of taking a pill every single day and I got more upset about that, exercise and playing atmospheric adventure games really gradually helped me
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