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Do cold showers help?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by AHHHHHHHHHHH, Dec 26, 2021.


    AHHHHHHHHHHH Fapstronaut

    So far I've found that intense meditation helps the general feeling. I'm worried about the intense sudden hey your horny motherfucker go jack off feelings. So I was wondering if cold showers help with that? Or maybe someone has other tips to help with the sudden oh fuck feelings because those have always been the problems in the past.
  2. I don't do cold showers simply because I can't get it over my heart to torture myself with ice cold water. I can take cold weather but not cold weather.
    So does it help? Who knows! Probably helps saving electricity cost by using less geyser water.
    If you can handle a stream of ice cold water pouring on you, then go for it.
    I'm more than sure that 10 seconds worth of cold water spraying on me is enough to shock all horniness out of me. lol.
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  3. Scrubbing Bubbles

    Scrubbing Bubbles Fapstronaut

    Cold showers serve a few purposes.

    The main benefit that I gain from them are discipline (self control).

    We have conditioned our brains to give in to our baser instincts - letting our subconscious brain drive our actions. We have the ability for self control/discipline - our brains don't want us to be cold or to do things that it perceives as unpleasant but you need to become the master of your mind and keep it in check.

    Jump in the shower, make it cold. Your brain will be giving you a hundred reasons to jump out or to turn the dial toward the hot end but don't give in; focus on your breathing and fight your demons. Develop the ability to tell yourself NO - become the master of your mind and not the slave.

    So when urges come up, your brain will remember it's place.
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  4. It's worked for me. When I had huge urges, it would calm me down enough to focus on reboot with a clearer mind. It should be an addition, not a cure for urges.
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  5. Cold helps the body in ways that would blow your mind.
  6. I don't know, I'm pretty skeptical about cold showers. I listend to the Huberman Lab

    On regards to cold showers, and from the statistics you only really get the benefits of cold shows at hormonal level 2-3 hours in. I think if you're taking a cold shower in the morning you're more shocking your body into full stasis, and it's more of a placebo effect. As in you shock your body so the adrenaline rushes allowing you to be fully aware, instead of fatigued and drowsy in the morning. That's just my personal opinion, but if it helps right on!
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  7. And I think in regards to using cold showers to fight urges of PMO or whatever, a lot of us; which I believe can atone to, is they often come when you're tired, drowsy, sleepy, exhausted, sad, angry (sometimes) etc. So cold showers can eliminate quiet a few of those underlining factors to falling off the wagon.
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  8. Cold apposed to hot water, cold water boots you up, clears the mind, cleans our waste from your lymphatic system which can be bad for your organs and skeleton, mental clarity because it's so GD cold lol, I laugh because I can't help it when I take ultra cold showers, it also speeds recovery of muscle groups and helps repair damaged tissue, the benefits paired with SR is insane.
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  9. vasudeva

    vasudeva Fapstronaut

    Cold showers are a great solution.

    Short-term, they can re-frame your thinking for the rest of the day. Mental and physical energy will replace your lust in seconds.

    Long-term, cold showers can supplement other healthy routines that build resilience, calmness, clarity and focus.

    Start small so you don't discourage yourself; if you used to take steaming-hot showers that cause fatigue and tiredness - take a lukewarm shower. 3 days later, try the temperature of cold pool water. Find your sweet spot gradually.

    Try these methods too (all have worked for me periodically):
    • Leave your room (and stay out for several hours): Force yourself to do meaningful activities (reading, journaling, face-to-face socializing, driving, meditating) outside of your room (and often outside your house). This will lead to unimaginable happiness and peace.
    • If you have less time -- Just 10-20 push-ups can bury sudden urges under the endorphin spike.
    • Meditation -- I encourage you to deepen your practice, and find a technique(s) that help you (a) handle current urges, and (b) healthily prepare for urges when they might appear.
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  10. See, now I believe you, but part of me wonders how long you actually have to stay in the shower. There is a reason professional sports athletes spend 30+ minutes in an ice bath...
    I've tried cold showers in the past, especially in the morning, and its awesome because it gets rid of the brain fog. But as regards to the cleaning of waste from the lymphatic system I'm not to sure. You gotta have like incredibly cold water for that to happen. Like near sub zero :D

    So cold your balls shrink to tiny raisins.....
  11. I love showering, I stay there for a long time, but I'm also not a 7 foot tall football player with 90 inch arms either lol
  12. Damn that's interesting, cold showers in addition with SR. Would you be more inclined to elaborate more on your experience with the two? I've very intrigued, because I've personally never thought of adding the two in daily routine.
  13. Well I assume that everyone here is doing SR, so my reasoning is if we subtract everything from our understanding of our created environment, what would the wilderness offer us? cold water 99% of the time, I don't have hot springs here on my country so all I get would be cold flowing or falling water, so if I were to do that in my controlled setting as a shower or bath I think it would be sufficient. my wounds heal faster when I practice the two together, drink more water, better diet, starting to workout, ect, it goes without saying if you make good choices good things will become of you. there is much more to divulge on the topic but this stuff has been done to death by Wim hof the iceman himself.
  14. Find your source of cold water, no need for Cold flowing falling water. You got the ocean!
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  15. Yeah I know that was just an option of what nature gives us naturally if we didn't have indoor plumbing. What I'm saying is cold water made us. so our natural bathing water is and should be cold water to help our natural functions to operate properly.
  16. Phallosopher

    Phallosopher Fapstronaut

    I posted this in another thread but it works here too... instead of the whole cold shower... honestly just dip your junk in freezing cold water. The urges will be killed off. Put a glass of water in the freezer for awhile, then dip your junk in it. Crazy, I know, but effective.
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    AHHHHHHHHHHH Fapstronaut

    Wow all this advice and I didn't get alerts for it damn thanks.

    AHHHHHHHHHHH Fapstronaut

    I've found a lot of it is waiting out the storm. If you can hold off long enough it calms down.
  19. jay985

    jay985 Fapstronaut

    Cold showers work, but only temporary. It's impossible to take a cold shower when you feel horny in the midnight in freezying winter...I mean me.

    The way I recommend to "calm down" the most is chanting the "Jesus Christ" or "Amituofo" out loud for at least 10 minutes or hand-copying the Bible or Buddhist Sutras. Not only will you learn those scriptures , but also calm you down quickly.
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