Do emotions and joy come back when libido (sex drive) comes?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by 31shotscrazy, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. 31shotscrazy

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    So does the flatline depression go and all the positive emotions come back after libido comes back?

    Because i heard they go hand in hand, im on day 71 and in the flatline. Right now it's basically like my brain is dead and i have barely any emotions or motivation smh.
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  2. Yeah, for me at least. When my flatline ends my libido comes back and so do my emotions and energy etc.
  3. Akt1

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    You could Google on zinc and flatline.
    Some say zinc speeds up recovery..
    But one should NOT take too much.
    Could be good to know about though at least.

  4. Absolutely no libido whatsoever at the moment. Have had one or two days where it has spiked, after drinking funnily enough. Memory and emotions have come back a little bit though. Memory is coming back very slowly and emotions can be amplified one day then gone the next.
  5. throwaway11

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    Are you getting any erections? I'm at Day 75 and absolutely nothing. Around day 40 I had some but they weren't entirely firm ahhhh
  6. On yourbrainonporn there is a section with PIED recovery stories that can take up to 2 years.
  7. How much is too much?
  8. Akt1

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    Recommended Daily intake is 15mg.
    Ive taken optizinc with good results, it also has copper in it. Too much zinc can cause anemia.

    Morning Wood with 15mg optizinc so far.

  9. I heard copper and zinc compete for absorption, so you should take them st different times, but thanks for th tip, I over do it a little
  10. MikeM444

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    For me, kind of. I noticed if I wasn't at least a little bit horny, my drive/motivation didn't quite kick in, but I learned something in my NoFap adventure, since some days were basically euphoric, and others were just "normal", I thought I wasn't getting any benefits of NoFap, but I was wrong, the effect was something I didn't realize until a weekend out with my friend...omg, my confidence and boldness around women shocked me, not only that, but socializing in general with anybody, my tone felt more grounded, I was quicker and sharper in my responses to people while talking, instead of my typical brain fogged mind saying "uuhhh..." between every few words.
    But I should mention 2 things, 1. I've never made it a whole month on NoFap, so I don't know what it's like to hit the real big numbers yet 2. I lift weights anywhere from 1-4 days a week depending on how hectic my schedule is, and that has benefits of it's own with the mood-boosting endorphin high that makes you feel good for the next couple I don't know how much of a role that's playing.
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  11. Coffee69

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    how many days have you been in no pmo mode?

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