Do I deserve to suffer for my actions?

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  1. Well I can now go 2 solid weeks without a reset. Which I am very proud of. However the problem is to continue after 2 weeks. And I am complete idiot to relapse twice in one day. I feel like it's OK to relapse after I pass my goal of two weeks, so I don't feel as bad relapsing. The worst part is that I feel like I'm getting worse, I mean just look at my counter. So I'll try to set a longer goal this time.

    Also I believe in karma after masturbation, so I feel even more terrible. I also 3 University exams coming up next week, I feel like I deserve to do badly on those exams after what I did.

    Do I deserve to suffer for my actions?

    Please help and thank you for your support.
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    The only karma is that feeling of karma that comes after. Nothing will send negative things your way. That's all created by you. If you truly think that doing bad on a test is karma, than it is. But I encourage you to change your thought patterns. The only thing you need to pay attention to is what you feel immediately after. And it seems like that's a bad feeling. So stop doing stuff you know will make you feel bad. An start doing things you know will make you happy. For instance: studying so you don't do bad on that test and you can celebrate getting a good grade. You create yourself with every moment. You decide whether you do bad or good on a test with your mentality. A bad grade is not caused by a mistake you've made. Forgive yourself and move on. Register in your head that you didn't feel good doing that, so you don't do it next time. Then move on. Continue creating the best you that you can be with every moment. Don't hold onto your past or else you will continue to BE your past. Create yourself anew instead!

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