Do I have enough sleep?

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  1. Hey guys!

    I wonder if anybody has some tips for me in the topic of sleeping.

    For the last month I took up the habit to wake up at 5am and I really like it. I ALWAYS go to bed before 10:30pm but most of the time I am already in bed before 10pm. So usually I get a decent 7 hours of sleep (my smartwatch also displays that I had better sleep than 95% of the users of the same watch)

    I am so amazed how much more I can get done with before afternoon with waking up this early.
    But the problem is, that for the last 3-4 days I feel like a piece of .... around 1pm. I literally feel that my eyes are tired and my brain is less and less effective.
    I am a university student, and its finals now, so basically I study a lot in the morning.
    In the past years I also had these really tired mental states in my finals, but these only happened in the evening, or after 6pm..

    Will it get better? I want to be as efficient as possible. Does anybody has some experience with this? I really hope that my body can implement this change in my sleeping behaviour, because this really changed my game now.. I finally have time for everything in my day.

    all the best,
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    hey David - Great job for becoming an early riser it is one of the most rewarding and empowering disciplines ever, so congrats.

    The feeling of sleepiness around afternoon is very normal and what I find taking some time off to meditate or take a short 20min nap helps alot - this can be tricky because 20 min can easily turn in to a 3 hour nap and ruin your day so you have to be very disciplined - put your timer away from you and after you wake up immediately go wash your face expect to feel drowsy for 5 min but after you feel much better -

    I also find fasting after 3pm and not eating till the next day morning helps me to get a good night sleep

    I meditate morning and night and 7 hrs of sleep is usually plenty for me especially if i don't do weights that day, on days of weight training there may b more sleep needed,

    best is to listen to your body and see how it feels if you are sore all the time its a sign you need more rest.

    For your exam times I think you will have so much addrenaline pumping you will not havve a problem being awake then and usually by 6 pm you will be wide awake again,

    I also like green tea for the purpose of slight alertness but I have recently quit coffee and I really like the results - it helps me be more at peace through the day.

    I suggest stick to the early raising routine for 90 days to really see how it works for you, it will take a while for the body to adjust but then your whole life will change.
  3. Thank you for your kind answers!
    I will try! I am planning to run a half marathon soon, so as I run in the morning, I need to give my body fuel the day before. Other than that, I can totally see the point of your fasting! Maybe I will try to eat my dinner sooner in the night :- )
    I especially like the green tea idea, I think I will change my afternoon coffee with green tea. I just totally forgot how great can it be.

    Thanks again!
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