Do I have peyronie's disease?

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    I am 17 year old and I have started to notice that my penis leans to the left and has a curvature to the left..It doesnt hurt when its erect or when i bend it sideways or in any direction. and I usually hold it straight when I pee.. err.Its been bothering me for a while. its barely noticeable when its in the flaccid state but kind of noticeable when I am erect. Its not to the extreme left..just a slight bend somewhat like this ===>> \
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    As long as it doesn't hurt (and I mean at all, even a little pain is cause for alarm), I wouldn't say it's a problem. My penis has a slight bend down and to the left when I'm erect as well. Aside from limiting the number of sex positions my girlfriend and I can do, it hasn't affected my life. As far as peyronie's disease goes, I'm not a doctor so I wouldn't know. I know as much as the Wikipedia page can tell me.
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    No one has a perfectly straight penis. My penis is pretty straight, but bends very slightly to the left and I think this is, because I keep it always on the left side of my pants.

    I ain't a doctor either, but like IWantABetterLife22 said, if it hurts, then it's cause for alarm. Otherwise is just the normal shape of your penis. Maybe you should try holding it on the right side in your pants and see if it straightens. Don't take my word for it, 'cause again, I ain't a doctor. If you get uncomfortable and feel any pain, then go see a doctor.
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    SOLUTION: I had the exact same. Peyronie after 1 year of Nofap. Wish I had time to explain, but what cured me was Iontophoresis with Verapamil + an antiinflammatory product. After 12 injections (without a sting), and 2 months or so, I was suddenly cured overnight. Woke up with a straight erection and no pain.
  5. I'm 30 yo and I have the same issue. And I believe it is because of compulsive masturbation
    Mine bends to the left and I used to M with my right hand 2-3 times a day for 15+ years (includinf deathgrip). My D kinda has the same shape than the inside of my hand now. I believe it damaged the tissues of the penis over the years. I'm holing abstainin will help.
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    Need to chill bro

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