Do I use tinder during my reboot?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Mrcarlittoo, Sep 1, 2019.

  1. Mrcarlittoo

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    So guys I’ve been using tinder again, when I was watching porn I would get barely any matches but now it’s the opposite.

    I’m 4 weeks in and I am getting an abundance of matches - my intention isn’t to find ‘the one’ i do think the urges I get from pmo do lead to me to tinder. Also I don’t get an ego boost or anything because of the attention, I feel like meeting people, conversing with them and exchange the right energy with girls is good for a reboot.

    However I feel like Tinder might end up becoming a substitute for real women and I don’t want that if I’m honest.

    What are your thoughts? Should I abstain from tinder?
  2. I have never used Tinder so I can't answer you. I got a lot of play at O K Cupid, but I'm bored with it and they won't let me unsubscribe. I feel when she comes along I will know it no matter how we meet. With a smile and a hello I've met plenty of woman at the grocery. If your looking for exhilaration there are tons of other ways to get laid safely. There are tons of couples who advertise and want to spice things up safely in their marriage, and polyamory groups you can "join". You need to be bold and practice new stuff. Just go to a nudist beach or colony and you'll find lots of new opportunities. You'll feel very normal and move your program forward with a new attitude.
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  3. I’d advise against using Tinder during your reboot because it can be pretty addictive. I remember that when I had it I would check it all the time.
  4. SorryWontSayIt

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    I have had a tinder account for a few years, and I have both had good and not good experiences from it.

    Short answer: Don't use tinder.

    First off, as said above, tinder is pretty addictive. You will be wasting a lot of time, having to check on tinder etc. Also it can be dangerous, because it can be a p-sub, since a lot of people on tinder put on "half-nude" pictures. I have also heard a lot of people getting lazy to actually meet girls outside of tinder.

    An other point, that may be personal to me. I am only focused on myself. And what I have noticed, and I don't understand why, but the times I focus on my goals and dreams, that is when girls actually comes up to me, or at least find me a lot more interesting. Having tinder, will for me waste too much time to reach my goals.

    But at the same time, I found the first girl I fell in love with on tinder actually, so it can be worth it. But most of the time, it is a waste (but this is just my opinion).
  5. Nick:3

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    the question you have to answer is "do you enjoy it?" If so continue, but if you feel it tempts you to look at P maybe give it a miss for a month.
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  6. Fullyawake

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    I think we have to get angry. Really angry. Go for a walk around your city and look at what you see. I see men talking to women. I see them both laughing, having a good time. That should make you angry. It certainly makes me angry. We need to be egotistical. THESE FUCKERS ARE EATING OUR LUNCH, AND WE ARE LETTING THEM BY STAYING ON THE SIDELINES.
  7. Advocate109

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    Tinder is terrible. Not even for your mental health just as an app. Just awful.
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  8. Fullyawake

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    Most of the sites are. Inactive users, and ugly looking people remaining, or with no photos at all.
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  9. Much better to practice a smile until it becomes natural for you, and say hello to every woman you pass in the malls on the street or anywhere else. Eventually you’ll meet women that will think you’re handsome or your manner is what they’re looking for and they will stop and talk to you. Practice practice practice that is how to be successful with women.
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  10. Nick:3

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    bro did you have cocaine for breakfast? :emoji_smile:
  11. Fullyawake

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    No, ice. In my drink that is.
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  12. If you really feel like that you need a self-psyc. exam.
  13. Silverson

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    I would agree as previous people here.
    Short answer: NO!

    Why? My experience is that Tinder is great to go on many dates but it left me with a addiction to tinder instead. Later after browsing photos of girls , I escalated to find fast sex and later to porn and there I was again hating myself after PMO.

    I dated many girls via tinder but honestly when I pick up a girl from real life like when walking on the streets, a mall, a party, in the metro or wherever. The girl is genuine interested in me and everything is exciting when you finally date. She will take much more care of you in order to get to know you.

    In tinder it is the opposite, you are just a number, one weird / wrong message and she says next. even after a date she can just think this guy is ok but I have 20 other guys who maybe are better. and there you go. But the big plus is the quantity of dates with tinder because it is not everyday you find a girl outside but I can assure you that results of finding a girl in real life will have more quality.
  14. Nick:3

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    Idk why, but for some reason this inspires me to go out and meet more girls xD

    Yeah imo tinder sucks, but maybe cos of the area I'm in, like me and my really good looking friend can hardly get no matches, but when he goes back to Lithuania he can.
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  15. Fullyawake

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    Absolutely true.
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  16. Silverson

    Silverson Fapstronaut

    Thank you, I am glad that it inspires you :)

    I understand what you mean. In Sweden I would get no matches but in Portugal I would get a lot of matches. I guess it is a cultural thing.
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  17. Why not in Sweden? Don’t tell me the women in Sweden don’t like sex. LOL. DoThey have OK Cupid or, plenty of fish where are you live? Those are great sites in the US where I’ve had a lot of success with American girls.
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  18. Jonny1992

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    Isn’t tinder for hook ups? I don’t want to fall into temptation!
    I think if you find a girl that you like she will send you nudes and you relapse.

    be careful buddy!
  19. 12&6

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    During your reboot focus on you first. Dont jump back into dating so fast. Be pragmatic about it a bit especially if you get hit up a lot. Its best to stay off unless your looking into a realistic and functional design method thats healthy. If you stay,reply when you can and think long term a bit.Ill tell you from experience that you will only substitute one issue then for the next. You answered your own question correctly. No.That my friend can be a double headed beast to then take on. Its best you dont go there no matter what.

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