Do medicines hinder the rebooting process?

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    I am going through a flatline right now. It started day before tomorrow. The symptoms I am facing are :-

    - Severe headache
    - Fever
    - Shoulder pain
    - Nausea
    - Head spinning (feeling like I will fall)
    - Pain in moving eyes
    - Brain Fog
    - Insomnia
    - ZERO LIBIDO (can't get hard even if I think about porn scenes)
    - No interest in porn
    - No morning wood
    - taste buds not working somehow

    I know, I am definitely in Flatline. My college exams are going on and I can't concentrate on my studies. I can't even tolerate these symptoms.

    So to escape these symptoms and prepare for exam, I am taking some medicines for taking relief from pain. They actually reduced the hedache and shoulder pain.

    So my question is, Will these medicines hinder the rebooting process?

    Btw, I am on day 21. Flatline started in evening on day 19.


    Also, Ignore some grammatical mistakes as I am not a native speaker. lol
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  2. josedelamuerte

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    While I haven't experienced headaches, fever, joint pains or nausea, I've certainly dealt with brain fog, insomnia, lack of libido and complete inability to get erect. Said symptoms disappeared after a couple of weeks.
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  3. Mr. Kruger

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    I really doubt that over-the-counter painkillers could hinder the rebooting process in any way. I use ibuprofen sometimes, and I haven't noticed that it has any effect on my recovery.
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