Do not BINGE after you REALPSE!!!

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by KoalaDude, Mar 26, 2015.

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    I just relapsed again. And I wanted to share some thoughts and realizations.

    So I was on my day 27 on my streak when I actively decided to PMO.
    I was google searching some actresses which lead to searching for models and you get the point.
    I had many chances to turn back but I just did it knowing the consequences.

    So now I can binge on PMO for about a week or so right?
    Not a chance, I realize now that this is the biggest reason that's putting me back in my road to recovery.
    You see a single act of PMO will not have undone all the progress I have made, and it doesn't feel like it did. I still feel motivated to continue my streak despite my relapse.
    Like Mark Queppet I suspect that my PMO brain pathways before relapse was starting to die off and my relapse has indeed activated that pathway again, but not to its full strength. Of course if I binge on as an excuse of my relapse, that pathway will regrow to its full strength and it will become even harder to recover.

    So friends, relapsing will not undo all the progress you have made! so please don't binge and just get back up and start to run again.
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    Very cool. Sounds like solid advice
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    but relapse is not the option.
    you have to accept , you have done wrong.
    now , you are getting back on horse.
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  4. Also, possibly the neural pathways only start to die off after 21 days. You know that it needs 21 days for a new habit to form. Sounds logical that it also needs 21 days to reduce it's strenght significantly. Therefore if you relapse even a single time in the first 21 days, you're back to square one.

    You may feel different, and that is okay, but the pathways in your brain are still intact.
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