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    This problem of edging has messed with my NoFap journey tremendously, and has just recently caused me to reset. (earlier today) What I have learned through trial and error (and sometimes through error and error), is that for me, edging will always lead to a reset or relapse. There is no way that you can ride the fence on this one. You are either rebooting (not fapping) or relapsing and there is no in between. For me at least, today marks the day when I cut out edging entirely and stop messing around. I'm going full on monk mode are really going to give it all I've got.
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    Edging is a reset/relapse.
  4. +1 on that.
    Edging is relapse not matter how we wanna justify it.
    It's just simple, NONE means Zero, Naddah, Nil!
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    hi 'rebooting

    Edging is not consistent with no PMO, so if you really are serious about no PMO, that means no edging.

    Also, edging is a really unhealthy behavior that can have some quite undesirable consequences, notably, DE. When you edge, your body learns that prolonged stimulation is a "good" thing. Many times that stimulation is quite physically intense, so your body further learns that intense stimulation is "good and normal". What happens when you try PIV ? Your body responds with DE. Your body is accustomed to prolonged stimulation before O therefore, PIV goes on and on and on. Additionally, if your edging is at a high level of physical stimulation (think death grip), your body has become accustomed to no O even after long duration stimulation at a much higher physical intensity than you experience during PIV.

    So, edging is NOT a good thing at any time. Avoiding edging should be a fundamental part of your no PMO journey.

    One day at a time is how we all succeed.
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  6. RebootingProtestant

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    Thank you so much dude this makes a lot of sense and I'll keep this in mind.
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    I would also add edging isn't healthy. It makes us think we are trying to learn to last longer but in reality it causes issues with how we perform with an actual person. No I agree do not edge.
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    agree with everyone, but initially I think don't be so hard on yourself because as with p-subs, sometimes you can start to do it and not really realize it..

    A classic example is waking up in that foggy half asleep state and not realizing your' fantasizing and grinding the mattress...just realize what is edging and set clear boundaries..

    that's some guys say you touch your penis to pee or wash and anything else is edging...
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    I'm super glad you realized that. Let's see it happen!
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    I am in full agreement with this hard won wisdom. Most - if not all - of my relapses begin with a little 'innocent' edging. So great insight, @RebootingProtestant. May you - may we all - stay very, very close to this piece of wisdom...
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    Yeah, it's absolutely true, bro. Edging is undoubtedly a hopeless thing and comes to no good. It only takes to reset/relapse. So it must be strictly avoided
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    I'm finally accepting that. I just reset my counter for edging, even though I didn't orgasm. Back to cold showers.
  13. Well if we are serious and want to go further than month or two, even fantasy will lead to relapse. In my case at least. It gets harder as time progresses. And than every weakness like this causes problems sooner than later. I still learn this...

    Good luck everybody, its worth it. Its my 2nd year here and I can just say Im glad I found out about this new lifestyle. Was about time..
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    Hi ' Randy !

    Good that you've recognized some issues and accepted that changes are necessary.

    Continue your journey. You know you can do this, so get going !

    one day at a time is how we all succeed.
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    Glad to be aware that you know, today, that you cannot edge anymore. Edging is masturbation. I give you cheer, with all the evil in this present world, I would not want be tempted again at the young age of 19 years old, with any PMO at these end days in our year of 2019. Ask for wisdom without wavering. Keep seeking to learn His commandments. Pray before you close your eyes for bedtime. Learn to put of the full armor of god. Ephesians Chapter 6 KJV

    In deed and truth,
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    Glad to learn. I agree with you. Yes, serious. No fatasy. No relapse. BTW: How many days have you been off coffee? Today is my 120th day. ~ STR
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    Hello Randy, Would you like a suggestion much easier than the shocking pain of cold showers? Take away rather than add too.

    Simple things are NOT always easy; and easy things are NOT always simple!

    RULE #1
    "Never touch your genitals, other than to urinate or bathe."

    RULE # 2
    "Immediately look away from teasing, seductive temptation."
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  18. Coffee was easy.. 2 years? Maybe I had 2 or 3 cups during the time?

    Alcohol was easy as well. But I had few drinks maybe. And at least once I got drunk as hell or even more than hell. Apocaliptic drunkedness.

    Cigarettes are the WORSE addiction. Neverending fight. Had 280 days clean, relapsed. Always fight constipation. Its just a pain :/ Im on nicorette gums now. But Im absolutelly not healed after 2 years of fight. Like.. WTF????? How can this be legal?????

    Marihuana was a piece of cake (no pun intended)

    PMO was the 2nd hardest after cigarettes.

    So bottomline is... never start smoking its the worse drug addiction :(

    Good luck!!!
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  19. stands to reason

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    Good for you! Coffee, I still miss the aroma. [Stands To Reason] is glad for you to put away the alcohol. Cigarettes, please check out:

    https://www.quitterscircle.com/how-to-quit/7-ways-water-can-help-you-quit-smoking and


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