Do the real negative consequences only happen with an addict?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by skaterdrew, Dec 21, 2019.

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    Something I don't understand is if you were sitting in bed with a laptop in front of you, mobile phone in front of you, Ipad in front of you ext, I don't understand how someone would prefer doing anything else on their device more than PMOing. But I am a PMO addict, so i guess I am naturally going to think this way.

    But I remember reading that any young boy with an internet access is going to watch porn. I have also read most men with an internet access watch porn. Lets face it, in any first world country the majority of young boys and men have access to the internet. So I guess what really puzzles me is how much more men are not affected by this issue?

    I feel like surely I can't be in a minority, where when I first discovered all that porn on the internet I couldn't get enough of it? I feel like with the way the internet and technology is surely most young males who first discover porn on the internet surely also can't get enough of it?

    I can't see how most men, especially young men aren't jacking off to porn and artificial sexual stimulation regularly. I think with the way technology and the internet is that surely most men, especially young men are jacking off to porn and artificial sexual stimulation regularly.

    But if this is the case then a lot of these men must be doing something different? Is it because they also get with real women in real life and also have real sex? Or is it that they have a busy lifestyle and they don't jack off to porn and artificial sexual stimulation enough that it is causing them much issues? Or am I completely wrong? and most men don't jack off to porn and artificial sexual stimulation?

    Like I said I can't understand why anyone would prefer doing anything else online more than jacking off to porn. But I am a PMO addict, so of course I am going to think this way. But then I have also read most young boys and men with an internet access jack off to porn.

    So I guess it just really puzzles me how much more men are not affected by this issue. It would make more sense that it was a small minority of men that were not affected by this issue, and much more men were affected by it. But in reality it seems to be much more men are not affected by this issue, and only a minority of men are affected by this issue.
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    There are many many silent sufferers that do not know about nofap. Believe that. Also factor in that prescription drugs written for mood disorders is much higher in this past decade than any other. Also factor suicide rate is up this past decade than any other. See the trend? Believe me when I say that many are suffering. The ones fighting here, are the ones on the edge that were lucky to find this place. Porn addiction is likely to be in the 100s of millions worldwide. In other words that's probably close to 1 out of every 100 people walking around today. This isnt something that a small minority suffer. Porn addiction is big time real. Dont think for a second we are such the small minority and it isnt fair. Many many many sufferers are out there.
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    Yeah I think with the way the internet is today there is just no way that a lot of men don't have issues with porn.

    I think the problem with me is I always perceive everyone to be ok, and I think I am the only one that is suffering. So when I go out I see a lot of young men with girlfriends and then I just think to my self how are they not suffering from porn issues. But I guess I don't really know if they're or not. Another thing is I do have a lot of friends who have girlfriends, wives, who get laid regularly, and I know a lot of guys who have a lot of one night stands. So I guess I just wonder how this is possible for them? As many of them use porn as well and still get laid.

    I seen something recently on the tv that said the mental health rates have went up a staggering amount since around 2005. But when you think about it what has really changed that much since 2005? I honestly think the most thing that has changed since 2005 is technology, the internet, computers, mobile phones, gaming consoles ext. I personally think the advance in technology and the internet could be at the root of the huge rise in mental health problems.
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    I haven't knew about nofap until 29. I accidently met retweet from some of not using porn users there and laughed, like, what this dumbs are doing? They are fighting with porn for real and struggling? Making vlogs and stuff? I started to search for mistakes in their logic and actually have found a lot of one sided opinions, was baned for pointing on it. After some days I got realisation that I was wrong. That I have problems, that I just see them as norm. And understood how much of the fear I actually have to break with porn. After i got it, I desided to change it. But how much people laughed and desided to continue? I wrote to some chat with digital artists I know and their fans, about my desire to quit porn and described all of the benefits. They wished me luck, minded that problems I described is real .. and desided to do nothing with them. So, that's the point. You need intelligance and courage to quit porn addiction. And reasons.
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    Personally I think it is a very common addiction, but so taboo that most people don't talk about it. It's vicious how much shame this subject brings, how it makes people uncomfortable.
    I believe it's also one reason why it's so hard to quit : it's not easy to find support from other people.

    If you struggle with alcohol, you can practically tell everyone and everyone will be okay with that and will support you. I mean family members, work colleagues, people that you see on a daily basis. The power of accountability is great.
    This isn't the case with sex addiction. Perhaps I should talk about it with more people but it's really hard for me.

    On a side note, I do believe that people who are in romantic relationships are slightly less inclined to watch P and M frequently. P and M are fake intimacy, but when you experience true intimacy on a regular basis then I think the craving weakens a lot.
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    U're right. If 5 years ago somebody would told me how much harm porn applies to me, at least, I would come to quiting a lot more sooner, then now. Or better when I was 20 and tried to quit for the first time, but there was not enough motivation. I thought porn makes problems only in bed, not in another parts of my life. I didn't cared much about this. And on the lesson of sexual education back in school (only 2 guys came from 30 of our class), we never talked about porn, but I was already addicted. It's not only even only about support, it's also about information.

    If you feel sad, nobody will say like "Hey, maybe your mood bad because of porn addiction?"
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    Well I'm nearly 29, and I first started watching high speed internet porn when I was 18. I had watched and seen some porn here and there in childhood and my teenage years, but it was hardly ever, the odd channel on tv or the odd naughty magazine, but like I said it was very rare.

    I was always quite a big masturbater. I began masturbating around the age of 11, and I was probably masturbating on average at least once a day from the age of 11 until the age of 18, sometimes I would masturbate more than once a day, but this was only to imagination.

    When I turned 18 I got my first laptop, and I couldn't believe all the free hardcore porn I could get. Basically I went from someone who was hardly ever in the house to someone who hardly ever left their room very quickly. I quickly began masturbating to porn basically all day everyday. The thing is about this is I clearly wasn't addicted to porn when I was 18 when I got my first laptop, as I basically never watched porn before I was 18. But basically instantly after I got my first laptop I was never off porn? This proves to me you don't need to have an addiction to porn or artificial sexual stimulation for it to be dangerous. Look how quickly I was drawn to it and instantly extremely liked it.

    So basically I went on for around 10 years PMO binging on average most days of the week, and this went on for about 10 years. I had a good few failed sex attempts with women where I couldn't maintain an erection or couldn't even get an erection. But I was also on anti depressants at this time, and I thought this was the reason why I couldn't get an erection. But now I am thinking it was the porn. Because I could still get an erection to porn even when I was on the anti depressants. It was actually around 2015 I realised I even had ed to porn. I realised the more I was PMOing the worse my ed was. But then if I took a break for a few days the ed improved. So it was actually this that made me search on the internet if porn could cause ed.

    In 2016 I seen a lot of videos of youtubers talking about how porn caused ed, and how it caused them ed. But unfortunately I was in disbelief for quite a long time, sometimes I thought maybe the youtubers had a point, but then I would always still more follow the mainstream advice. But then around 2017 I discovered Gary Wilson's the great porn experiment, yourbrainonporn, nofap ext. I was more beginning to believe porn caused ed by this point, but I still did have some level of disbelief. But obviously I became obsessed with all this stuff by this point, and I was constantly reading about it and watching videos about it. For about the last 2 years I have 100% believed it. I 100% believe PMOing can cause porn induced erectile dysfunction, desensitization, sexual conditioning and brain changes. I know that is what happened to me.

    But it just goes to show you, it took me someone who clearly had porn induced erectile dysfunction, desensitization, sexual conditioning and brain changes a few years to truly believe in all this stuff, and I was reading about it and watching stuff about it for years. So when you think about it what is a doctor or someone who has never been addicted to porn, who has never developed any of these issues going to think? Basically what I am saying is how unlikely is it that they're going to believe everything that we all know?
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    Personally I've never thought about wat other dudes get up to llf and life is much simpler when we dont ask so many questions into our mind . I would say a lot of men are before our generations, which literally only had magazines and videos , a lot of males in that generation are married with kids , I would say real sex and real life is there focus . When your actually partaking heavily in life when do you have time to have a porn addiction and not eventually get caught, I think your wife would be wondering why a man of that age would be sneaking around to fap 3-5 times a day .

    Newer generations where introduced to easy access to internet porn which was enough but over the years the genres became more and more extreme , I guess males who were behind with were they wanted to be or have too much free time eventually got sucked in and became addicted to porn.
    There's plenty of guys out there that don't fap every week or even once a month , and a lot of people are in relationships and don't need to watch porn .

    There is always people that will watch porn in all scenarios.

    But if your are less exposed the way newer generations are and you living life and focusing the way older Generations did on life , you are less inclined to become addicted.

    Older generations as kids where out playing getting into sports and out experiencing life. Today's generations live half there life in a virtual world , it's like one big social experiment, cram your brain with all this stimulus and your brain perceives the stimulus as real and stimulating, in reality you aren't living real life to experience your own experiences in a natural state of mind .

    Porn eventually corrupts , and the more you watch the more you fap , when you do NoFap you flatline , and fap less , that flatline is where a lot of people must be naturally when they don't watch porn . So I would assume people who are not addicted to porn do not need to fap anywhere near as much, because it is not all consuming ,

    There focused on real life, how to have real sex, have a real personality and develop a real life . When you have that who would degrade themselves by having a porn addiction.

    People fap, but I would say it's more a problem area for new generations , singles, and people who have developed all sorts of addictions , phone addiction / prom addiction and have far too much free time

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