Do the urges ever fade?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by TheCircle, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. TheCircle

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    I'm on Day 5 of my own NoFap. I've noticed that in the past couple of days, the urges have been stronger than before, and while I'm fighting them off, it's becoming quite annoying. Do they fade away with time? When I make it to -shall we say- 100 days, what do you think the chances of me still experiencing urges are?

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  2. SaurusrocksterWW2

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    Last week and today I was feeling serious urges and I cant help it. I need to fing other strategies to deal with my urges and You to.
    Before joining noFap I went 6 days of no PMO and the urges have been less strong on me. Last week I went 4 days of the NoFap challenge and then I relapse 3 days from Friday and today.

    Avoid using your iphone when ever you are alone or in bed because it has internet and that is another problems and look up sad, funny or even violent/gore videos and photos that always helps lower down my urges.
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  3. TheCircle

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    My urges don't come from using the computer or my phone, actually. My MOing was primarily due to fantasies in my head. These days urges hit me when I'm in my room at night. So whether I have internet access or not, the risk of relapse is just as strong.
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  4. chris4nj

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    In my experience the urges come and go - seeming to do with how disconnected or alone or anxious I feel. I find connecting with people the best antidote, particularly people i know love me.
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  5. Ulick Myers

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    I can tell you that the urges will always be there. They come and go in cycles and it is impossible to predict when you will get them. I hvae found that even small things can trigger strong urges. The one positive thing is that you will get better at mastering your urges the longer you stick with the challenge.
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  6. Cyrus B

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    Threads like this are motivation to me. When someone with over 150 days gives advice I listen.

    Thanks, this site helps me daily
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  7. ebeam

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    I was told they come in a bell curve. Peaking, then coming down, and a period of no major urges, then ut wull start to raise again
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  8. is this it

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    And when you least expect it you will see something or someone on the street that reminds you of a video you used to like or a fetish that you would seek out and BAM you go from just fine to freaking out. So having the tricks to deal with the urges and distract your mind planned out in advance is key. If you are stressed or upset and then see or hear or read something that triggers you and you don't have a plan for how to deal with it you will be in big trouble. For me I come here and read the forum. If I don't have access to this I play word games on my phone that take my full focus and concentration. That seems to help.
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  9. Omda72

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    Absolutely, it did fades but after one month , what helped me is :
    1- sleeping early which is not my habit
    2- used my phone to make calls only no surfing
    3- stay socially active ,never let my self alone
    4- watch TV only for news for one hour or less
    5- joining gem and trained with friends
    6- kept my self busy always
    7- taking bath with cold water which is something I hate.
    With all these great steps , I made it ,and you can thrive your life once you pass the first month but always be careful and vigilant.
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  10. thinking_differently

    thinking_differently Fapstronaut

    Yes they do!
    What’s important is:
    Once you get out of the initial misery, when you are in a comfortable state, you must be careful. Keep your guard up. The journey gets better.

    Stay Cautious, Stay Strong!
  11. FellatiousD

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    Yes, they will. If they don't fade after a couple weeks or a month, then you're doing something wrong.
  12. Randy Andy

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    At one hundred days there is a very good chance of still experiencing urges.
    But yes urges do fade.
    One of the things that contributes to pm+ addiction also works against recovery from it (this is very common) is child ish impatience. I though about calling it a desire for instant gratification but that makes it sounds better than it is.
    People who have gone on diets know about this, articles about rewiring your brain in days may not apply to everything in life, such as pm+ addiction. If I think about the years I spent in active addiction and the number of hours I participated in addiction and addictive thinking I think my clean time is just a beginning on getting towards what some people live like all the time.
    I think the low day goal that is so prevalent is because of a natural ambivalence. We all want to be free and at the same time is a feeling orthought of wanting to pm+. I call it the addicts dilemma, we all feel it the question is which do we side with moment to moment. It's like the Cherokeestory of the two wolves, the one I feed will win. But it's not like he wins the same day I throw him a little food, it will take at least a fraction of the time I spent in active addiction. And goals tend to be "after this many days I can do xy and z" maybe the same things given up during that time or other things that seem safer and yet how many times do we hear "back again, discouraged but I'm going to fight it again!" Then a few weeks later same story. It's the in between ness. I like and have lived by the theory that many things that should on paper be fine will add up and push me into things I honestly don't want to do, so my life isn't simply don't pm+ there is a whole world of practice before that is possible for me in any given day, just one day
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  13. FutureKing

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    For me, yes they did. Or now I am able to manage then much better. I would say that there was a hell day, and everything got better permenently after that day. I get urges now, but they max out at a 7/10 rather then on hell day where I experienced a 10/10. This day was on day 14. After that everything seemed to fall into place, like a switch was flipped.

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