Do the urges ever go away?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Smoky33373, Aug 25, 2019.

  1. Smoky33373

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    Just wondering for experienced non PMO’rs if there was ever a time when the urges became less intense? Just wondering because, even when driving down the road I find it very difficult to keep my eyes off the eye candy continuously walking down the street.
  2. One person joked that urges go away when we’re sex feet under. I believe it.
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  3. Smoky33373

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    Lol - likely this is the case but I would like to think that it eventually becomes a little tickle instead of a full throttle kind of emotion.
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  4. safa61947

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    It does get less difficult, but you never get "rid" of urges. They'll always be there. Around day 45 if you ask me, but this depends on your mental state.
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  5. Fallensoldier1

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    I will say for me they did get a lot easier. Until they weren’t anymore. I was so strong for so long, and on day 204 I caved, just like it was day 3.

    Ever since then I have had trouble getting to 10 days. So I’m my experience the urges can still just come and go.

    I will also add the urges have changed. For instance when I have relapsed it hasn’t been into such hard or rougher stuff I used to be into if you know what I mean. But some urges won’t go away for us men, we are made to be sexual beings. But having heathy urges and controlling the unhealthy ones is the key.
  6. For most it will but I’ve learned to never expect that in life. I’m kind of a expect the worst and hope for the best type of person. Plus I think urges and their intensity are largely based on the situations/circumstances we are in at the time they pop-up.
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  7. StonePlacidity

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    well I don't feel any urges?
  8. Darren hutto

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    Well you must live in a cave because women really hot women are everywhere you go and it’s rough
  9. HumanFurniture

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    That brings up something I wonder. I wonder if the desire to orgasm is always caused by a woman or if it something that I would feel a strong desire to do anyway if I never saw another woman and my memory was wiped. Maybe it's like breathing or eating.
  10. paco179

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    when you relapsed on day 204, did you feel like the begining?
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  12. Tao Jones

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    This is exactly what occurs. At least, this has been my experience. And the little tickle can easily be set aside when unhelpful.
  13. Fallensoldier1

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    No I wouldn’t say things have gotten as bad as they were in the very beginning. But the more you relapse and binge, the closer you get back to the start.
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