Do the urges ever stop?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Quitterrr, May 17, 2020.

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    Ok, that didn’t reply to my comment at all. Go and post in the partners support group, let all of the suffering women know it’s happened because they’re not “proper women” and see how you go there.
    You’ve got a long way to go stopping sexualising women if you think it’s ok to blame partners for this.
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    Still not sure what are you trying to tell me.

    The best of luck.
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    For me the urges have gone away to a degree. I'm about 2 years and 3 months clean, and in my experience it feels like the urges are becoming buried deeper inside me. Like they start from a place further back within me. Generally the sight of an attractive woman doesn't instantly make me feel much anymore. There's no instantaneous excitement there. But at the same time I think I can sense that were I to indulge in those thoughts and stir them up again it wouldn't be hard to bring the urges right back to the surface fairly quickly.

    But the key for me is to be absolutely 110% convicted about it all. Total cold turkey of all thought and action. Don't even fantasise out of curiosity. It's a very hard bull to change the course of, and the slightest slip can undo weeks of effort, but it does gradually come around.
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    Sexual urges will always be there with you as long as you are alive,but how you deal with them is what defines you.
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  6. Naw urges will never go.We are human beings so its pretty normal we will get urges even after recovery..
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    For me the urges have become much less frequent and easier to resist. They come knocking on my door from time to time and I just don't answer.
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    Recovered from pied 90% but having short time flatlines like 2-3 days. I was having way longer when i first started. Urges haven't disappear for me but it has become a very very rare thing. Be careful, 5 days ago i had urges like the first 2 weeks when i started. Willpower is also way empowered for me to relapse. 250 days is a remark that im not going to spend on an urge. Keep fighting recovery is near
  9. Okay, perfect fit topic for me.

    I have reached 417 days of being PMO free and i relapsed some time has passed since that and let me tell you how it is ...

    When i took it all very serious i struggled in previous streak, it was hard, urges were strong but as time went they grew stronger and stronger until one point i hit withdrawals and urges became easier and easier until they completely subsided around day 150. I noticed their weaker impact on day 60-ish

    Right around after day 150 urges were nowhere to be seen and porn became very repulsive to me and i would see no interest in it. There would be very very light thoughts of returning back to porn but i would have no emotion swings or those ugly craving feelings attached to it. Basically, its like thinking of an idea to jump off the cliff, you immediately deny it and move on with your life.

    So, basically, urges will subside and will become almost non existent and if they do arrive trust me they won't arrive nowhere near the same shape or form that they used to, and i don't even know if those can be considered as urges.

    Now, perhaps you might be interested if that is the case, why did i relapse after day 417 ? I've built a strong set of habits that i followed, and main one was bodybuilding, during such period of Covid and self isolation i slowly and surely returned back to the old state of eating bad food and being on my PC non stop, and i had the most stupidest thought to just "check upon" this article about this celebrity looking like a pornstar which had linkage to one of porn sites, and this is how relapse happened.

    Did i have strong urges or anything like that ? No, i was simply just too stupid. Did all of the negative things return back ? Absolutely not, even though i relapsed back then i am still normal and nothing much has changed, i was depressed for few days had to deal with some mild urges but after that everything went back to normal and im continuing my life without any cravings to watch porn, however the lesson i learned is that you always need to stay alert and not be caught off guard. Cheers.
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    The urges mostly stop, but they never disappear 100%. But you do build a far greater resolve to not act on urges. Whenever I feel an urge I can redirect my thoughts in mere seconds and the urge just fucks right off like it should. You can only learn this by going through hard urges and denying them. This will build willpower and your brain will actually become comfortable with dealing with that particular urge. This makes it much easier to deal with them
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    Exactly this!! Been married to my wife nearly 10 years and even though we had lots of sex, still struggled with porn! I think a lot of men do these days.
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    What about urges being weaker instead of stopping? Like 90% weaker but same frequency but also shorter duration, because at a certain point if it's so weak you can imagine it just fades. That's basically my experience, but I also don't just sit around and count days.

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