Do you eat healthy? What's your diet?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Spinell, Jun 29, 2018.

  1. Spinell

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    Hey folks,

    what does your diet look like? Do you eat healthy? What did you eat yesterday?
    I myself didn't eat breakfast, had pancakes in the canteen (too much sugar), at home I ate a frozen pizza (too fatty) and a banana (at least something healthy). I am not overweight, but I feel that my unhealthy diet is affecting me almost as much as my porn addiction and I am trying to improve in that field particular. My problem is, that I don't even know what I could eat healthy instead -.-
    My goal is to cut sugar and fat completely. Is that a realistic goal?

    Please share your ideas, thoughts and maybe even your own diet plan.

    Yours Sincerely
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  2. youliveyoulearn

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    Whatever my mom cooks me lol.

    When I am by myself away from home I always eat stupid stuff like frozen pizza, fast food, drink soda and what I observed is it makes me tired and fast forward depressive.
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  3. Mike Bonanno

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    Yes, I do eat pretty healthy.

    I ditched sugar, grains, potato, rice and pasta one year ago. My diet consists fish, chicken, meat, vegetables, nuts and some fruits. I fast 16 hours and eat only 2 meals a day (2pm and 10pm), and I also drink at least 3 liters (approx. 3/4 gallon) of water a day.
    I've lost 40kg (that's 88 pounds my non-metric friends) since last summer, so I must be doing something right.
  4. I ate raw vegan. Animal products, especially dairy, are some of the worst things for our health. They cause some cancers, blood pressure problems, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart problems, etc. Every species has it's species specific diet and humans are just not meant for it. It really baffles my mind how few people know of this and many actually still think animals products are healthy for them. It's like being back at 50s where smoking was advertised as good for us. Look into it man, some scary stuff.

    I do pay some attention to stuff so I do not get deficient in anything, but for the most part just kinda ate whatever. Usually very simple meals. Today I had cabbage, tomato and cucumber salad. Before that handful of nuts. Later I will have a bunch of bananas and some cherries. I do not ate much, so it's not that expensive to ate raw vegan. If I need some cheap calories I will just use a lot of oil on my salad or blend some raw sunflower seeds with spices and make a sauce. Most days I do intermittent fasting with just one meal a day, it is also very good for health.

    I would say if you are new to this don't worry too much about what to ate. Just make sure you focus on whole foods and limit animal products to as low amounts as possible. And try to get as much as possible fresh raw fruits and vegetables in. As long as you do that you will be reasonably healthy. I'm kind of perfectionist so I go full raw vegan, but you don't have to do that, you just have to limit cooked foods and animal products to minority.
  5. Red Eagle

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    I'm eating a whole foods plant based diet. The majority of my diet is unrefined grains and legumes since they are by far the most satisfying foods out there and have been at the basis of the human diet for at least 12000 years. Potatoes, Rice, Whole Grains, Lentils, Beans etc. are the best foods for the human body. On top of that I eat lots of vegetables, fruits and nuts and seeds. Only rarely do I eat refined foods.

    Your diet is pretty horrible. You probably have really high cholesterol levels unless you get the majoriy of your calories from the fruits, nuts and vegetables you eat. Many people fall for the keto/low carb trap today because they manage to lose weight on the diet. There is, however no valid research backing this kind of diet when it comes to longevity and long term health. There never was a long lived low carb culture.
    You should definetely go to your doctor and check your blood lipids. Most likely your LDL-Cholesterol is way too high despite you losing weight.

    Ditch the processed foods and learn to make your own food. If you want to be healthy the majority of your diet should consist of unrefined plants.

    It depends on what you mean by cutting sugar and fat. Do you want to cut out all the refined sugar, processed fats and majority of saturated fat? That's great. If you try to cut out foods that naturally contain sugar like fruit then that's a pretty bad idea.

    Just remember. The less unrefined the more healthy you'll be.
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  6. Mike Bonanno

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    It's all relative. Nothing is never going to be perfect but when compared to my previous diet when I used to eat only processed and "golden arches" type foods, my current diet is pretty awesome ;)

    I probably do, but then again, this is my current diet not the diet to keep for the rest of my life. What interests me is that I feel lot more energetic and good in overall.

    Agree to disagree. Dr. Eric Berg sold this idea to me and he seems to be very good grounded with his advices. Added benefits of this kind-of-paleo-diet of mine combined to intermittent fasting has led to phenomenal results for me. And I don't even want to live forever anyway...

    Funny thing is that my latest blood work came out quite good. My sodium is little bit too high at the moment, but in other aspects I'm healthy as a horse according to my doctor. Hormonal balance is great to the man of my age and nothing sticks out as an alarming rate. This works for me so I'm sticking to this at the moment.
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  7. Red Eagle

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    What was your LDL and Total Cholesterol? Quite good doesn't say a lot. It is normal for people who follow low carb/paleo diet to have too high cholesterol. The paleo diet consists of approx 50% meats which is way too high too have healthy blood lipids long term + containing a bunch of probable carcinogens. I don't think you have any nutrient deficiencies but it's very rare to find people on paleo diets who have good blood lipids.

    Dr. Eric Berg is just a quack who sells all kind of expensive supplements. Doesn't sound like a really viable source of information to me.

    But great that you were able to lose weight. Just make sure you do blood work annually. Those high meat diets can be detrimental to health in the long term.
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  8. Mike Bonanno

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    I didn't see the results myself. He just briefed me in on a phone conversation in which the main message was something like "You're in good track but watch out that sodium". Don't know the details but I take his word for it.

    Yeah, I don't know him and you're probably right. But he got me interested about healthy diet in the first place which led me to various university-level studies about different diets. I tend to take some new idea and see if it works or not. Let's see what idea I get in my head next :D

    Thanks Bro. It's been pretty hard work to lose this much weight in such a short time period.
    I do medical check ups 3 times a year for my line of duty and I intend to change my diet whenever my blood work gives some reason to do so. I'm not going to ditch animal base foods (cause I really like my fish, chicken and that juicy steak :D) but I'm definitely going to continue this non-processed whole foods based diet and continue to cook my own meals from now on.
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  9. This is truth! Everything is relative. Smoking half a pack of cigarettes a day is so good for you health compared to smoking two packs a day. Any whole food diet will be 10 times healthier to any diet that is heavily processed. :p

    Is "good enough" health your goal though? For me personally my goal is the best health that I can achieve. I love bacon too, but I can give it away for better health in 20 or 40 years time. When I think of being 80 years old I can not imagine being on whole bunch of pills and in line for heart bypass surgery thinking that all those delicious meals were worth it. Health is our greatest wealth after all. Like you said, it's all relative. We gotta put it in perspective. It's very much like PMO - is some quick dopomine hit right now worth it, if the price for it is painful life of addiction down the road? Ya nam sayin'?

    All the power to you for working on improving you health though. It's reasonable to start small and build from there. Very few can go raw vegan over night and not burn out. Drastic changes like that over short period of time don't usually last. And very few even care to begin with, so they never even go on whole foods diet, yet alone anything more. You are on the right track, as long as you keep learning and improving. :emoji_thumbsup:

    Also it's important to know that blood work does show only part of a picture. There are changes happening on cellular level all the time that we can not feel immediately and see on bloodwork results, which might surprise us later in life if we are not careful.
  10. I do one meal a day along with fruits & veggies my favorites being kale, spinach, broccoli, & potatoes. And I've been trying to cut down on sugar & increase my fat & protein.
  11. mbernabe11

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    So is meat ok?
  12. Depends some processed meat has been shown to be crap for ya, but good ol' natural meat is pretty good.
  13. mbernabe11

    mbernabe11 Fapstronaut

    Im actually going a keto diet cuz it boost Ts. I do eat meat with veggies. Im just curiousse cuz some say dont eat meat on nogap cuz it can trigger horning. And i guess youre right with the process meat. Cuz i work at five guys and i hade two patties (no bun) and it gave me a quick rush and a quick crash
  14. Red Eagle

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    There is absolutely no scientific data to suggest people on keto diets have higher T. Where do all these myths come from?
  15. Phallosopher

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    I eat healthy... I pretty much always have. Off and on vegetarian/pescatarian... never eat red meat. I've tried various diets. There was something Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers said in an interview once though about leading a double life of being a health freak but also partying hard, and I have usually been kind of like that until recently. I quit PMO, alcohol, cigarettes, and weed... in that order, and then for whatever reason I had no choice but to quit consuming food containing gluten or soy. Still working on those last two, it's never a conscious choice to do it but man, it's difficult not to accidentally eat something containing one of those since they're so prevalent in food these days.

    I was almost going to make a thread of my own about diet before I saw this one. My two main questions are:

    1. Do you find a particular diet specifically helps with NoFap?
    2. And are any of you gluten free and/or soy free?

    I might actually recommend gluten and soy free, because during my best streak of successfully doing it (11 days), I started to feel superhuman (the way I also felt after about 180 days of NoFap, except added onto the fact that I still hadn't fapped). Be careful though because I know since I had to do the diet, it made me even more sensitive to those things... so I think maybe once you make that decision, you can't really go back on it because your body is so damn happy to get rid of those. It may also be of interest to all of you (and probably something you've already heard but I'll say it just in case) that soy directly fucks with sex hormones. Based on my own experience I'm wondering if lots of other fapstronauts are like me and just have a very sensitive (though also powerful) hormonal makeup. I know that when I quit those foods that have a negative impact on hormones, I felt like a completely different person even though in the past when I was consuming them (until recently) I didn't feel noticeably sub par.
  16. Jack of Clubs

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    People have a knack for completely overcomplicating both diet and exercise.
    You already know what good food is, you don't need someone to give you the magic formula on which combination of them is optimal.

    Its the same with building better eating habits. If you already know that your diet sucks then use your own brain to work out why and how to fix it.
    If someone had a gun to your head and said you had to work this out for yourself and have a great diet in 1 month you'd do it, guaranteed.
  17. You do you, man, but know that the "Dr." from "Dr" Eric Berg comes from the fact that he's a chiropractor. I also watched a lot of his stuff before adopting a plant-based wholefoods diet about a year ago. I don't doubt keto works for weight loss, but so does having tuberculosis. It's simply due to the caloric restriction.

    What initially made me come to the decision of eating plant-based was this video:
    And since I was still extremely skeptical I did a lot of research into nutrition for more than half a year after that before making the change. It's been a game changer and has healed the inflammation and pain in my joints. Finally I can do sports again freely!

    Today I had a big bowl of oatmeal with blueberries for breakfast, some bananas, nuts and peanut butter toast as a snack, some sushi type stuff with avocado for lunch, and pasta with tomato sauce and mushrooms for dinner.

    Edit: I can also recommend the documentary "Forks over Knives" on Netflix in regards to learning more about nutrition. It's really eye-opening.
  18. 1. I have noticed that if you cut out junk food entirely, you stop craving it. If you have a little, you will still have cravings. It's one of those "Doing it 100% is easy, doing it 99% is hard" things.

    2. As far as I'm concerned you should certainly avoid gluten if you are coeliac, but there is no studies that show benefits in doing so for regular people.
    Soy beans and other legumes are some of the most health promoting foods you could eat. The phytoestrogens in soy may take up some of the receptors of your own estrogen and actually lower your estrogen since they are less potent. If soy would actually increase your estrogen, all the girls would eat heaps of it to make them look more feminine, but it doesn't...
    However, if you personally feel better leaving gluten and/or soy out of your diet, more power to you. It may or may not be a placebo though. I would be far more concerned with stuff like dairy/milk however, as that stuff containt 35 different mammalian hormones which are active in the human body, among them stuff like IGF-1 which strongly promotes cancer cell growth.

    You might be interested in some of these links:

    Good luck!
  19. Max666

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    Yeah, it's very realistic. Ive cut sugar, salt and bad fats. Very easy. You just learn to appreciate the taste of natural foods. When I wanna snack, I eat a carrot.
    Once you're healthy you start to notice the correlation between diet and your mind. Clear mind means you can do more, have more energy, be smarter. If you're NoFap the mind is what's gonna get you there. Keep it occupied, keep thinking, direct the energy away from your loins! Also consider cutting salt above everything other words, dont eat any processed foods.
  20. Lampilis

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    Vegetarianism did not try, but exercise and diet + sports nutrition helped to achieve the result.

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