Do you experience female attraction on nofap?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by new genie, Mar 23, 2021.

Do you experience female attraction on nofap?

  1. Yes, a lot

  2. Usually, not all the time but it does happen

  3. Rarely, it happens but not often

  4. No, not at all

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  1. new genie

    new genie Fapstronaut

    I've read a bit about nofap and people's personal experiences with it, but it seems like not everyone is getting the same results. I've been practicing nofap on and off for over a year and have my own experiences with it but I'm wondering how common this whole female attraction thing is. Some people swear by it and others say they never noticed much of a difference. What's your experience been like?
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  2. Slimjimjones

    Slimjimjones Fapstronaut

    I'm a hunk and nofap gave me confidence but women still dont know I exist.

  3. ElSabio

    ElSabio Fapstronaut

    I believe I have been experiencing this. It might be that I can engage better with women as people and am more sensitive to social cues they offer it might be that it's Spring and covid lockdown is over where I live or it might just be a coincidence but yes I feel like females are more attracted to me
  4. brassknucks

    brassknucks Fapstronaut

    I'm not sure if its Nofap or they just like the way I look in my ballcap.
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  5. PrioritySystem

    PrioritySystem Fapstronaut

    I am an invisible ghost for women when regularly fapping, however when I’m not fapping I always meet a new woman. In fact, all the women I had sex with in the past five years was on NoFap streaks. While on streaks I receive lots of attention, they give me their phone numbers, sometimes nervous around me, etc. When fapping: nothing happens.
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  6. PeterGrip

    PeterGrip Fapstronaut

    Yes. But I'm not going to say it some magic woo woo chakra whatever. On nofap I'm way less nervous and I feel like I have nothing to hide. I can easily relax and say what I want with. Women seem to detect and enjoy being around that.
  7. PeterGrip

    PeterGrip Fapstronaut

    Honestly it's not just women who enjoy that. It's everyone. Nobody enjoys being around a nerve wreck.
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  8. Starfinder89

    Starfinder89 Fapstronaut

    I've started NoFap on a serious level at the beginning of 2020 and since then I've been very sexually active compared to the years before.
    It's not just the confidence, but also - like one guy described above - the fact, that I feel like I've got nothing to hide and that I'm more interested in the woman as a person. Some women seem to like it, others don't notice me at all. But over all I've gotten way more attention.
    Try to talk to them as people, show some interest by saying stuff like: "I find you attractive", or "I like you more than just as a friend".
    They need to know what you feel by you telling them. Perhaps that helps.
  9. skibum71

    skibum71 Fapstronaut

  10. Rev2.0

    Rev2.0 Fapstronaut

    I've gotten on this soapbox before but I think this is badly overstated as a benefit of NoFap and does a disservice to guys checking it out for the first time. For every one guy who suddenly turns into a chick magnet there are 7 or 8 who see maybe very slight gains and 2 or 3 for whom it makes no difference at all. You have guys coming on here expecting to have 10s falling at their feet after 30 days and when it doesn't happen they give up and go back to their old ways. The benefits need to be positioned as what getting clean does for YOU and if you suddenly become irresistible to scores of hot young women that's nice but it's much more the exception than the rule. Most women won't know you're doing NoFap unless you tell them and I don't think many really even care. Do you dress well, smell nice, look as good as your genetics (and income) allow, do you really listen to what they're saying and not try too hard to impress them? If they're open to being touched are you aware enough to pick up on those signs and ballsy enough to do it? Those things are what they'll really respond to.
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  11. 0ffset_

    0ffset_ Fapstronaut

    I went from an actual loser to slightly confident.

    Later i started seeing more benefits, more and more. Like my skin and eyes became better, i had muscle growth out of nowhere without even working out.
    And became extremely confident like i felt i was on the top of the world.

    Its definitely the confidence part. Looks don’t matter too much (they do play a role ngl). Personality is also important.

    rn im trying to build my personality and get more muscle.

    I enjoy being single at the moment and tbh im way to young to have a girlfriend imo. Im careful with relationships.

    Also another tip is if you work on yourself girls will and up chasing you. It maybe sounds to good to be true but its real. Girls want a high value man.
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  12. new genie

    new genie Fapstronaut

    Thanks to everyone for replying and voting!
    I've tried several times to poll this question over on /r/nofap but my threads would always get autodeleted. Could never figure out all the weird posting rules on reddit. Anyway, really appreciate you guys responding. I think it's a pretty interesting topic, seems like the experiences are even more polarizing than I thought they'd be, kind of weird how many different perspectives there are on nofap.
  13. primaljade

    primaljade Fapstronaut

    I wholeheartedly agree. Socializing and taking action makes one more attractive to women at the very least.

    Plus, if you're getting rid of a porn addiction in order to have more sex... think about that for a moment.
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  14. ElSabio

    ElSabio Fapstronaut

    I agree with @Rev2.0. The way it is often framed on this forum is like it's magic or something and it's not helpful. I 100% think effect comes from seeing women differently than before nofap. For me it seems like it's simply that I e started seeing women as people and not objects and they are more interesting to me. When I see a beautiful woman on the subway for example I see her posture, her eye color, the way she is dressed how she is holding her bag, if she looks uncomfortable or relaxed, who she is looking at etc when before Nofap I saw tits, ass, etc. I really think it's from seeing them differently and not some kind of voodoo magnitism
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  15. PanteriMauzer

    PanteriMauzer Fapstronaut

    Everyday when im on a good streak
  16. new genie

    new genie Fapstronaut

    Bumping this thread, thanks for all the votes so far bros
  17. Hero25

    Hero25 Fapstronaut

    When I was with more than a week this "attraction" starts, once when I was 3/4 days started too, but ovrerall is 1-2 weeks, when I was 150+ days the attractions were getting more and more often and intense. Ex: they come to talk with me, make me questions, look up at me, stare me, follow me, sit in the chair close to me, giggle, start playing with the hair, all of this I observed in my 158 streak and in another 128 streak.
    Ps. I was in hard Mode no pmo and no indecent images etc
  18. BetterMeandI

    BetterMeandI Fapstronaut

    No. I am a decent looking guy, quite buff. I got looks from girls occasionally on PMO and that has not changed after going on a streak. Nofap does not make you a super chick magnet. It only makes you a normal human
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  19. {Ananta}

    {Ananta} Fapstronaut

    My Journal
    today i was searching for camping stuff i plan to camp, one store had afemale worker she was in spandex pants she came up an helped me , showing me everything getting very close , she asked lots of questions where em i camping who em i camping with well it only be me in the tent or with someone else , i think she wanted me to spank her bum, would this be out of line to spank a strangers bum as females are constanly bending over infront of me :p:D
  20. new genie

    new genie Fapstronaut

    lol idk if slapping ass at the mall is a great idea, should probably just ask her what she's doing after work and get her number
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