Do you get the urge after a fight?

Discussion in 'Rebooting in a Relationship' started by one-day-at-a-time, Jul 16, 2017.

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    Do you get the urge after you just had a bad experience with your partner? Doesn't matter if it's nofap related or not. I just had a disagreement which really hurt.

    I've gone from sadness, to frustration, then after the second discussion again sadness and back with another frustration. While frustrated the second time I felt the urge to just go visit chats or watch P. I opened a chatroom twice, got in, but couldn't bring myself to do anything.

    It's painful emotionally and I was looking for a quick fix which would only make things worse. I just have to power trough it and try to set things straight with my SO.

    What about you? You had similar situations?
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  2. When I was still with my girlfriend this was constantly the case. Our constant fighting fueled my PMO addiction which lead to more fighting. In the end, PMO was a main factor in us breaking up. It took me awhile to wake up but here I am.
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    Hey, I wonder what do you feel now about fights and gf? Was it worth it?
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    My partner used to use this as an excuse to relapse. Without realizing it initially he was being very manipulative. He would attempt to make me never bring up issues or fight with him by saying it caused him to fap and blaming me. Fapping is a stress coping mechanism no doubt so it's understandable but you need to develop new skills to cope with the emotions.
  5. Of course it wasn't worth it.
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    Obese, verbally abusive & angry wife (with suspected personality disorder) - PMO = yes.

    It became "built in" to our relationship dysfunction

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