Do you guys openly tell people about your nofap struggle?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Kman20, Oct 23, 2018.

  1. Kman20

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    I might be making this post to justify myself but I feel like there's a stigma to it for sure. Well I think it depends on the person you're telling. Some people wouldn't care less and other's would see me as "gross" or "weird". Which I feel is the response I'm insecure about receiving. Do you guys feel the same way? Even after a long reboot? Or are you open about it to everyone and not ashamed about it. I would just like to hear other people's perspective's here. Thanks.
  2. I can open up about things here as an anonymous person. Other than that I have only opened up about this with my wife and she with a friend dear to both of us.
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  3. In the past I've told two male friends and two female friends. It was kinda freeing at the time but obviously didn't get me to stop PMO.
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  4. sali82

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    I kinda brought it up with my wife....but I don't bring up any relapses
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  5. I took a full page add in my local newspaper complete with up to date photo of myself and address LOL :D. Now to be serous I have told people close to me that know that I used porn for years that I have given up on porn because I have other goals and dreams in life that porn did not fill and everyone has been supportive and seem to be more interested in what I am doing now and not what I used to be.
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  6. lovebeach

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  7. Kman20

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    Surprisingly good feedback from the people that you tell. Maybe people are more understanding then I let on.
  8. Music Man

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    I've told three people. The first was the woman I was dating when I realized I had a PIED issue so she would understand she wasn't the problem. The second was my psychologist. The third was a trusted friend. After I laid it out for her she said her boyfriend has been struggling with a porn problem, which made telling her about it feel less weird.
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  9. Regent

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    No, but I almost told one of my friends
  10. Solomon435

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    I don't. It's not a story I'm ready to tell yet.

    I don't want people to get on my case with self improvement I'm trying to do.

    I got myself into this mess with nobody watching, I can get myself out just the same.
  11. Jason_Tesla_19

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    A few days ago I posted on FB about my recovery, and my friends' responses have been positive so far. I'm months in, though!
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  12. TheFutureMe

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    Our PMO habit strives on secrecy, isolation, and shame. It's surprinsingly hard to tell the first person about it, so choosing wisely is key. After that it only gets easier to expres it in a few chosen words. I personnaly experienced that opening up (without being too descriptive) about it changes the way you look at your own fight rather than changing the opinion of others. Maybe I've been lucky in that I've never had anyone radically change their behavior towards me in a negative way. Most of them rather opened in turn on something that was dear to them and they felt couldn't tell anyone either : addictions, crimes, thoughts etc. At the end of the day what remained was people I could feel closer and I could be more confident with - THIS was extremely helpful in defeating the addiction.

    The opposite of addiction isn't sobriety, it's connection.
    - Johann Hari
  13. Ra's Al Ghul

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    I been telling a few autists.
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  14. The Lone Ranger

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    I think it would be great to contribute to the world by sharing from this experience. As the original post said, it is most definitely a huge stigma to this. And much due to the fact it’s so common, it’s so widely spread we don’t know what to make of it!

    My goal is to tell several male friends. Not to make them feel uncomfortable, it’s not an interrogation, but to give hope. Just present an alternative way to deal with P & M. And be supportive if they request. You must remember we are entering people’s sexual integrity. I’ve told my SO, my sister, my boss, a friend, my psychologist and everyone on nofap. All mentioned have been respectful and supportive to me.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!
  15. Uk_jason71

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    I would be far too embarrassed to tell anyone in the real world, but found chatting on here on very helpful
  16. Kimura

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    I've told my best friend that I started NoFap and that I actually have porn addiction, he understands. I've told my ex girlfriend that I have problems getting hard even during watching porn and she understood, however I didn't say that I was starting NoFap nor did i even think of starting NoFap.
  17. Uncomfortably Numb

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    Each person's journey is personal to them... unfortunately the stigma and shame means I struggle alone
  18. HereAndThere

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    I have a friend who did nofap too but even with him its hard to relate because everyone have different patterns, reasons and rationalizations. With anybody else i talked about there was just surprise that i would even think this way about porn and they usually just dont care after i explain it. Its a bit uncomfortable for them because they are usually told their entire life that fapping is "natural", going against it breaks their reality.
  19. watching porn is the norm my friend in society , 95 procent of male and even females will think its so weird if you dont fap or watch porn.They will look at you ; what the hell is he even talking about ? just my 2 cents
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