Do you have to make your bed?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Marcus Aurelius, May 1, 2019.

  1. One Strong Girl

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    this is silly. people come to my room and fuss over how my bed look like a mountain and how i'm "unorganized" lol. I take so many naps that even flipping the duvet back seems unnecessary.
    also, I've read somewhere that successful people tend to be untidy! I guess we are all successful at the end of the day lol.
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  2. Clean Willy

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    Yeah, it's no big deal.
  3. Marcus Aurelius

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    So... I think I was unclear about what this thread was actually about. I wasn't wanting to know if I must make my bed to be successful, I was just wondering how many people find it necessary to actually make their beds i.e. I never do because my bed is almost always in good condition when I wake up, so I can just slip out of bed without having to exert any effort. I was just wondering how common that was. Anyway, it's kind of a dumb thread lol
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    i think its a discipline thing, it helps build your discpline when making your b)ed once you wake up, but i dont ever make my bed regardless of how many times im asked how can i go to sleep to a messy bed i tell them easy i lay down an sleep,, but nofap is my primary disapline strengthener so im not worried about making my silly bed :)
  5. Order is just a good look. I feel 1000 times less stressed out and distracted once I pic up all the stuff laying around my place and make up the bed.
  6. I just flip back the covers and tuck in the bottom if it's gotten untucked. But honestly I usually end up doing that right before bed, not right after I wake up. My bed, when it's made up all pretty, has so many blankets and pillows it takes a while to do and undo, so it would be ridiculous for me to try to do it every day. It seems like a total waste of time when you're going to sleep in it again that very night.

    I usually only make my bed when I have people coming over who might see it, and that's not because I'm ashamed of having an unmade bed or something. I just really like my bed when it's made, because it's really pretty. And sometimes I make it randomly if I just feel like seeing it all prettied up. But it's pretty rare.
  7. Infrasapiens

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    I don't do it. I like sleeping so I don't see the point in organizing something to mess it up again in a short time span. But now my air conditioner is broken so I won't be using covers anymore so I might do it from now on.
  8. seekagoodlife

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    I agree with you, it feels nicer for your brain that everything is organized and the way you like it. I apply this to almost every part ofmy life, such as the way my desk is set up, where everything goes, etc. Though for the bed, it's different, I don't mind at all the position of the comforter, as long as my sheets (aka the thing you sleep on) are normally put. But the blanket over it is in whatever place I threw it to as I woke up. Then the evening I just flip it back over me as I get in bed.
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    I think no person does not want a hotel-like bed, that is, a large and comfortable mattress, cleverly folded blankets, smooth earrings, and piles of carefully thrown pillows. But despite our efforts, all these elements may give us something to fork. It's hard to choose a good bed you have to look for a little about which is more comfortable and suitable for our body. They are made of different materials that we can already buy after each one chooses what he wants; different tastes will be softer than with harder mattresses.
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  10. Sammy00

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    Well, I don't do this and I don't care.

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