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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Deleted Account, Dec 17, 2018.

  1. Hey,
    I have some problem - I've stopped inviting people anywhere because I can't stand rejection. I feel like almost always people reject my invitations. It includes even my birthday and holidays. I got rejected so many times in the past that I feel ashamed to invite anyone anywhere. Im not trying to fix this because I just understood I don't have close people(some of them have girlfriends, injuries or not interested in some topics). But on my fucking birthday I feel like people should be coming, yet I dont feel like inviting anyone. If it comes to my birthday even if I invited like 5-10 people I don't feel like its gonna be a nice party because I have almost none female friends so it would be sausage party. My meetings with friends were almost always sausage party, meh(fuck IT).
    Im not creating this thread to make you convince me to invite people or stuff, just curious if you have similar problems.
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  2. Romans 6 23

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    I know the feeling. Even for my wedding both my wife and I had friends not show up. Both told us the day before they would be coming. my friend even asked if we had a theme, how formal/what to wear. no sign of him, no call or text. It bothered my wife more than me. but ya it sucked.

    I guess we are lucky ti have a tightknit family. my wife is pregnant and we have our daughter. so i spend everyday with ny best friends. but ya people are flaky and inconsiderate
  3. brilliantidiot

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    I'm the opposite I always turn down invitations because I feel insecure. Are you sure you are the problem?
  4. Infrasapiens

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    That happens to me too. Maybe I should start accepting them.
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  5. El Monko

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    Same here man. I just accepted that not many people wanna hang out with a 29 year old single man. I spent these last holidays completely alone. Made me frustrated at life but I’m trying to use my extra time to focus on what is important. “In this world you will have trouble but I give you my peace that where I am there you may also be.” Holding onto those words for now.
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    I once got told by my best friend that a mutual friend stopped seeing me because I'm content to stay in and play video games rather than go out drinking and that I always seemed uncomfortable when out drinking so they stopped inviting me out.

    Like the OP I don't initiate these things because of rejection. I'm in a strange place where I'd like to be involved and be part of the group or whatever but when I'm there I'm miserable, my 2 most recent get-togethers with my 3 closest friends were the same; looking forward to it but simply not enjoying myself at all.

    I spent New Years Eve alone, which just seems like thats how things are going to go now because some friends and co-workers or whatever aren't interested in inviting me along because I just give off "don't wanna be here" vibes...
  7. Toomuchh

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    lol I was the opposite of this when I was younger. I would always say yes even when I didn't want to go. It got exhausting and now I feel secure enough tactfully say no without offending someone.
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  8. aston20

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    I invite people but they are never available, and then i see them hanging out with other people when they told me that they weren't available. However i have got some best friends which i can hang out and don't reject me. Just hang out with your best friends, because "normal friends" really sucks.
  9. Landser

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    • You are overthinking everything too much man. Whats so bad about sausage party. Go talk to girls. I always had the opposite issue. I only invited girls and it was bland... When you get confidence everything will be better i promise.

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