do you like girls who wear make-up?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by astronaut prime, Jul 23, 2018.

  1. Jason_Tesla_19

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    Do you mean hard mode, not just never watch P or M again?!
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    Yepp... My intentions are to live a celibate life... but I can't see the future, so if I'm called into something else than oh well...

    I'm finding that the longer I abstain, the weaker my libido becomes. Which is interesting because it's completely changing my personality. I'm beginning to be able to see women for who they are rather than just a piece of meat, or a potential romantic relationship.

    I'm not as easily aroused by images and triggers have become less potent... almost as if it's losing it's sting.

    I want to explore what it's like to cut off the sexual aspect completely from my nature... I'm curious as to what kind of road awaits there.
  3. I would only have a problem if it was a time issue and if she sucked at putting makeup on. I mean I understand people need to learn but if she refuses to take advice from her friends/family and improve on her application then that’s a serious red flag.

    If you’re going to wear it then take some pride in your work. I’m also the same way when it comes to tattoos and piercings. Don’t get Japanese’s writing on your arm but then put “karma” in Old English on your abdomen. Have some common sense.
  4. SolitaryScribe

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    Lol I think the whole Japanese writing is probably the most comical. LITERALLY the only reason people get it is because it looks cool. It has zero significance to that person who got it...
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  5. u376

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    I have become your fan now.....hatts off
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  6. astronaut prime

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    i think for me i like light make-up. not heavy.

    maybe some eye liner or eye-shadow to accent the eyes or something.
    if make-up is all over the face, it's like over-highlighting everything to me.

    but that's interesting to see so many responses preferring less make-up. i always thought most guys liked more make-up, maybe because it looked 'hotter' or all the celebrities, models, porn stars, etc all wear a good amount and it's something we associate positively with, (like having that european haircut is attractive to a lot of girls because a lot of male celebrities have it)
  7. Pmo is in the past

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    I do not like it.Tinder girls put on fake nose,eye lashes,eyebrows.All fake.When they take it off.Do not recognize them.
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  8. Castielle

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    I think tats are pretty dang sexy
  9. u376

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    Don't know
    It gives a very negative vibe to me
  10. Jason_Tesla_19

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    There's still that old association between tats and rough characters in the back of most people's minds. It doesn't help that probably most people who gets tats don't get something particularly tasteful and aesthetic. I have seen some very tastefully done and very artistic work, but that's a small minority.
  11. 33ctf6m8pdpq

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  12. u376

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    For me......I like the smooth clear skin without any permanent chemical imprinted on it
    And tattoos have other disadvantages too
    In India many government organizations and army don't recruite you if you have any tattoo
    Having said that I do find temporary tattoo ok..... because it's like decorating the body just for 2-3 days
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  13. ClaudeDuval

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    I dislike make up, most females over use it because they think "more makes me hotter". It looks gross and is a turn off for me.... a little eye liner is ok... all the girls ive been attracted to/dated wore little to no make up. I like a natural look... hispanic women usually dont need a lot of make up (i prefer latina women) so it works out for me. I see "preppy" white girls cake on 500 different forms of make up and it looks like ronald mc donald. Piles of make up remind me of porn actresses.... i associate it with being promiscuous and thats a turn off. Women need to accept themselves and stop covering up their faces with that goop.
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  14. Castielle

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    You know, as a woman, I can't help but wonder how much makeup all these girls you guys claim dont wear makeup or dont wear much makeup are actually wearing. Lol because I know from experience that a lot of people who look natural are actually wearing a crap ton of makeup.

    Which is why stuff like the video I posted above happens. Guys think they know what girls look like without makeup so they tell them "you dont need makeup to be pretty!" When in reality they have no idea what that person looks like without it. Lol I've had guys tell me I dont need makeup to be pretty and I'm like uh... how would you know? You've literally never seen me without makeup on. (Not to say I think I need makeup... I very often wear no makeup or just mascara, but it just makes me laugh a bit when guys say it when they have no clue what they're talking about.)

    Guy: You dont need any makeup! You're beautiful without it!
    Girl: *takes off makeup*
    Guy: Oh shit, dude, never mind, you should put that back on
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  15. SilentJay313

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    As far as my opinion goes, it's either little or no makeup. There's just something about a girl who wears too much makeup that is off putting for me.
  16. Natural beauty is best but if make up amplifies that & is used in order to impress... I wouldn't knock em out of bed for wearing make up.
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  17. ClaudeDuval

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    Not really... When you're "intimate" with someone and you're in the shower together its a little hard to hide make up. Plus ive "gotten ready" with everyone ive been with... and there wasnt much make up involved and it looks better. My first gf was a beautiful mexican girl, she could only afford eyeliner thats all she needed. She had naturally long pretty lashes, pretty eyes, etc. It depends on the person, some women really dont need it.
  18. Castielle

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    I didnt say all women need makeup, and I didnt say that all men who say women dont need makeup are liars. I said a lot of the time, guys say they dont like a lot of makeup because they see someone they think is attractive and they think that person isn't wearing a lot of makeup, when in reality they are. That happens a lot.
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  19. If the girl in this scenario is absolutely beautiful and I loved her, makeup wouldn't be that big of a deal for me. Light to no makeup is fine for me. (And for me, light makeup really just means concealer)
  20. Not necessarily, no and certainly not large amounts of it. Sometimes, makeup can actually be detrimental to a girl's appearance. For me, anyway. But in this scenario, if I'm dating a girl, I wouldn't go out with someone I didn't both think was absolutely gorgeous and I didn't find fun and easy to talk to. Feel me?

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