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  1. Hey gang! I just Want to ask some you guys to please put in the effort. I've seen countless posts about Trying to stop, but you keep doing the same thing! You won't ever do this on your own! You need help! Tell someone you trust! I have an accountability partner and counselor. I also use a software on both my tablet and phone called ever accountable! I recommend it to everyone! Im not bragging or taking any self glory. I think some want the result, but dont want to do the work! This is a long process and it takes commitment and sacrifice! Theres no quick fix or pill to fix our problem!
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    The reason u see a lot of failure is because they want it but st the same time they don't.. logic based thinking is the only approach to this if ur emotions have been suppressed by porn.. are logic does not account for y we want things.. it's our emotional intelligence.. logically u know it's damaging but u say that to urself with no emotional resistance.. cbt can fix this problem.. many in correction facilities suffer from a lack of emotional resistance and so it's hard to take into account consequences.. is a form of mental illness but there is of course a spectrum.. usually u feel this emotional resistance in ur chest, and it's one of the many emotions.. there's not just happiness and sadness and anger.. u do nofap and u experience atleast one new emotion..
    I wanna encourage those:
    Just fuck it to all of this,
    Quit sugar
    Fruits and veggies
    Exercise hard, be indifferent to pain..
    Cold showers
    Steam room
    And u don't have to be an old man and go bed at 10, but no matter wat time u go bed, it's important that an hour before bed don't use electronics.. it fucks with ur R.E.M. Sleep..
    Btw hocd is proof that pmo messes with ur emotions so much that it has the ability to change ur sexuality, wtf? Lol.. pied takes away ur sexuality emotion as well.. u kinda wanna be like women, they are sensitive to feeling a range of emotions
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