Do you sleep less while on long no PMO streak

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  1. Hi.

    I've been having sleeping issues, or what I think is sleeping issues. It actually might be my body adjusting to extra energy that isn't wasted anymore. I am going to bed after 9 o'clock and am asleep at around 10 or a bit past 10 usually and used to wake up around 5.30. Recently I've been on quite a long streak of no PMO, and started waking up at 5, then 4, and now for about two weeks 3 o'clock. I don't have any problems falling asleep, so I can't think its insomnia. I was not getting out of bed but I think I will start doing that, because I have been wasting my time in laying in bed for 3 extra hours.

    There has been some stress at work, but consciously I do not feel it and actually feel quite energised throughout the day and at the end of the day I feel satisfied with how it all went, so I can't believe it's really that stressful.

    What are your sleeping habits and do they change when you are in long no PMO streaks? Have you heard people going to bed at 9 and waking up at 3-4 am and starting their day at this time?

    I appreciate the insight and responses
  2. HopeFaith

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    Yes, my insomnia started with me trying to give up MO. But it is a good sign. It means u are facing up to yourself. I take parts in constelation therapy and normally suffer from insomnia afterwards .... for it to clear with time and then I become better. I wake up at 3 too but put my body mindfulness meditation on that normaly sends me back to sleep. It will get better with time for you but I don’t want to say how long time it will take as it differs for diferent people.
  3. Nugget9

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    I also have trouble sleeping. I go to bed at 10 just about every night and wake up at 3 or 4. I did this even when I was using P except I think my body would wake up to get its fix.
  4. Turcu Laurentiu

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    Yeah, same for me... I used to wake up around 4 and masturbate, now I wake up around that time, with a huge boner and fantasies in my head that I have to fight... that's my weak spot, where I usually relapse :|
  5. Thank you for your answers and involvement in this. Good to know that it happens not only to me and its quite common. Past two days I woke up at 2-3 and then was able to fall back asleep just to wake up more tired than nights where I could not sleep after 3am.
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  6. WhiteAppleXy

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    Yes, I sleep less without PMO.
    I sleep for about 5hrs fully energized.
    When I am PMOing, 9hrs is not enough.
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  7. dragonslayer

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    I can totally relate to the issue of less sleep when on nofap. Normally, my body would require around 8 hours of sleep. But, when I am at least 1 week into nofap, the sleep hours start to reduce. They go from 8 to 7 and then to 6 hours.

    On most of the days, it feels fine and my energy levels are higher as compared to before. But, once in a while, after having a tiring day, when more sleep is required and due to morning wood and nofap, I can't sleep more than 6 hours, then it becomes irritating.
    I feel like a zombie the next day. :D
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  8. My sleeping patterns were erratic since I was a child. For the first time in my life I had good sleep since I started masturbating at night in my bed when I was 15 years old. I avoided fapping during the day and saved it for the night to help me sleep better.

    But now I don’t do that anymore my sleeping patterns have become erratic again. This means that I may not be able to sleep well in the night but feel tired during the day and feel like having day time naps.

    I am determined to go to sleep early so that after some time I will fall asleep before it’s too late into the night.

    I also hope to avoid using electronic devices late at night, those that emit blue light as exposure to blue light can give poor quality sleep. I also hope to do my meditation site before bed in addition to other parts of the day because maintaining mindfulness helps to reduce the chance of nocturnal emissions (wet dreams).
  9. One of the unhelpful ways that I get myself to sleep is imagining holding a woman or imagine a woman lying on top of me on days that I was not PMOing. Out of habit I did this on some days. But I actively avoid this because trying to replace PMO with imagination of being close to a woman will interfere with the rebooting process.
  10. WhiteAppleXy

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    I sleep for about 5hrs when on no fab, and while not into it, 8hrs of sleep is not enough.
    I usually fall into sleep after M, and feel drowsy when I awake.

    End line: PMO would increase laziness, drowsiness, oversleeping and kill your goals
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  11. FormerFapaholic

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    While I sleep less hours from not doing PMO. Because I feel that there’s less time and effort required to replenish the energy back into me. As PMO takes a lot of energy out of people. Therefore, you feel like - and you do need - more hours.

    Having said that, even though I don’t sleep as much in terms of quantity when I don’t do PMO. But the quality of sleep has definitely improved without question. Yes, I have raging boners (and the odd wet dream in a blue moon) in the middle of the night, or when I wake up. But that’s part of the healing process.
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  12. @FormerFapaholic I agree with you. I had those dreams four times in the first month, I don't have them anymore.

    @larrystanke Yes, today I woke up at 4:30 am to answers some emails and some banks issues, I had energy and well rested. I finisht and come back to sleep again. Woke up at 8:00 am and I felt terrible as if I wast rested at all.
  13. monteiro131

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    Let me guess... That happened today and you relapsed
  14. monteiro131

    monteiro131 Fapstronaut

    The same happened to me 5 days ago LOL
  15. sleeping less too...I am just learning to use this time wisely
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  16. sknnyjns

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    Waking up too early or not getting enough sleep is also a form of insomnia. Offcourse it is still possible that it is caused by your streak.
  17. Turcu Laurentiu

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    :(:oops: and the worst part is that I couldn't fall asleep again, and now after a hard day at work I feel tiered AF... the good thing is that it didn't involve porn... at least
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  18. No worries about the sleeping myth, each person is different and follow certain cultural routine without ever questioning.
    If you use those hours in an enjoyable and productive way you will see how much you missed living this short life :D <3 Even 4 hrs of sleep per day is perfect(you get more done)...
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  19. Sometimes it is the Moon or cosmic radiation or lack of activities that makes our body wishing to rest... no worries, do something new when not sleepy <3
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