Do you smoke marijuana?

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    Do you smoke marijuana? what do you think about cannabis legalization?
    I do because it benefits me in many ways, including nofap.
    Here is one of many reason why you should support cannabis legaliztion:

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    I've never toked, and probably never will, even after it becomes legal to do so in Canada later this year.

    Most of the folks I know who smoke the Mary Jane are of the smelly-hippie type, who are unreliable and useless in most endeavours. I have known one or two who you wouldn't guess by appearance were tokers. They were much more useful people, however there is no doubt in my mind that THC changed their minds (brain chemistry), forever.

    I have one question about legalization: Why do the joints still look like they were rolled by 4 year olds on their first day of kindergarten? If we're going legal, and the government is involved, can we get some proper rolling equipment? Please folks, black market Canadian native reserve darts look more professional, and those come in ziplock bags. The places that are legalizing weed claim to be very modern and progressive, however the presentation suggests this is just some Gambian witchdoctor's natural AIDS remedy, rolled off some log deep in the jungle.
  3. I haven't smoked cigs or weed in 110ish days. I was smoking a quarter a day sometimes. If I was busy just an eighth a day. Weed is dope, I just liked it. I would hold a bong rip with sone tobacco in for 30 seconds and blow it under my shirt before I went out to class or a party. I love the smell. I did that bc it gets you smacked and everybody instantly knows it. I can honestly go for hours telling wild stories..

    I stopped weed temporarily bc I'm saving thousands (literally) and I want to cure my pied and have successful sex, then I'm just gonna reward myself. I quit cigs just because. I only like cigs drinking or high really.

    Of course weed should be legal, silly. Theres not one valid reason it shouldnt. Also, alot of people who say weed is bad are people who haven't really smoked it. Which in my eyes they're instantly discredited, so something to keep in mind.

    Also, sometimes weed made me panic, but it was because I had major social anxiety (not the weed). Also if you smoke alot, it makes you a little lazy. But that's about it, more your character than marijuana effects
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    Maybe it depends on where you live, the hardcore pot smokers I know all became professionals, like engineers, accountants, lawyers and tradesman.

    Most seasoned smokers also can roll decent j's, it's kinda hard to roll shitty j's after rolling hundreds them. Maybe the people you know only smoke from bongs.

    I think the legalization will do a lot of good things like take away money from criminal elements selling weed illegally, and also help regulate it so we get better quality without any shady things mixed in. Also I think it will help boost the economy and hopefully help the country get out of a deficit in the budget. I invested in a few stocks early last year, and I've already quintupled my investment and it looks like the trend will continue. If we look at Colorado as a case study for possible economic growth in the sector it points to good things. This article indicates that if the government doesn't fuck it up, legalization will do a lot of good things for us.

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    Yeah, the guys I knew who looked presentable were both going to University for professional jobs. Still, the weed clearly messed with their brains. They could still do math, but sometimes the decision making skills were off.
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    I'm still sure the government will completely cock it up though. Between Trudope (regulation) and Kathleen "The Most Hated Man in Canada" Wynne (implementation/sales), this will most assuredly be a complete failure here in Ontario. No doubt in my mind whatsoever.
  8. Yep and enjoy other recreational drugs in moderation. Marijuana is a far cry from any of the bad drugs and the faxt that it is so widely illegal in many places is abhorrent when alcohol and cigarettes are legal and 'sexed' up.
    I personally know a lot of people making $200k plus, owning business's who toke up
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    I have been a smoker for a lots of years, mostly really rarely, like a 2 times a year. Always alone, because it always gave me anxiety kickdown, and I have always been in my head during trip. I guess, wrong and unsupportive and untrustful people around and wrong mindset.

    All my illneses were a gateway to see them clearly like on 10x exposure level under influence of grass (not to mention, I have had really shitty and quality stuff, so I don't blame the quality aspect of it).

    - Sadness
    - Depression
    - Loneliness
    - Destructive thoughts
    - Clear sight of something wrong in my life

    In my opinion, you need to feel joy of your life to really enjoy the trip. You need to have a happy mindset to be there and enjoy moment. So I gave it up and made a pact to never do it again for recreational purposes if I haven't made my mind calm, found a straight way towards my goals and found someone I can trust.

    And by the way, grass was the main reason I am here, despite of awakening type of trip I had my last time last month. It clearly helped me see I was lost the whole time.
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    I smoked for years and years. I suffered terrible mental health issues. Eventually I stopped completely and I could not believe how beneficial that decision was for me. I am not opposed to anyone else smoking, but I tell everyone that giving up was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I still suffer from mental health issues but they are far more easily managed straight, than bent.
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    I’d be surprised if more than half the people here never smoked/used it at least once. I swear everyone here does it.

    Cannibis being banned was based off false studies anyway.
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    Me thinks you created this thread simply to promote your blog.
  13. I love smoking up!!! Yes, it should totally be legal in my opinion. For me it's a great stress reducer after a long work week. I only smoke maybe once per month these days because I can't control my eating on it, lol. However, any and all sexual desires dissipate while I'm high; I just want to watch TV and eat pizza and candy.
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  14. Great! I would accounting, law and especially tradesmen like plumbers and electricians to be high while doing work for me!... umm no...
    Marijuana is known to have permanent, negative effects on young brains in particular -and it known to make people with psychological problems worse.

    It is a dangerous drug for many people - like anything it effects people differently but there are negative effects for everyone. ANYTHING that alters the brain that quickly is probably not good.

    The 'legalize it' bullshit is from self interested who 'want to get high', and are so selfish they don't care, for example about all the people being murdered in drug wars right now "hey man it's not my fault if the government legalized it it wouldn't happen'(inhales again and turns on a video game)

    if 'big pharma' were making a drug as dangerous as it, people would be outraged.

    so would increasing porn, gambling, or legalizing heroin. Just because something brings in more money for the government and a few individuals who will eventually control that trade(and that's what we mean by 'good for the economy' ) it doesn't mean it's 'good'.
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  15. what a great way to spend your life!
  16. yes it's known to intensify mental health issues across the spectrum, another reason it is so dangerous.
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    That's like saying everyone who likes to get drunk gets drunk at work. You are painting a misleading picture, but I understand what you are saying. I understand marijuana isn't a healthy thing to be doing, but keeping it criminalized doesn't solve the problems you are talking about. People are still getting high when it's illegal and at a much higher cost to society than if it was legalized. Whether or not people support legalization because of self-interest or not doesn't change the fact that legalizing is in the interest of society.

    If you want to argue if it is unhealthy to smoke weed, I think you can make a good case for why it's bad. But if you want to try to argue why legalizing it is bad, I think you will be hard pressed to make any valid arguments.
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    Though I'm against weed and people smoking it in general. I would have to agree with you on this.
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    never again, it took me down a very dark path and I never want to see that side of me again. I became paranoid and my self confidence was completely shot. every time I would do it with good friends and even then I could hear them saying things about me if I walked away or even if I didn't catch the conversation they were having. perhaps it's my self centred, negative overthinking mind but I'm certainly not one for cannabis after many attempts it was always the same and it left me afraid and completely distraught. I lost my personality and I was just living every day with no feeling, but sadness and angst. It was a very horrible time for me, whether what I kept hearing about me was true or not still troubles my mind to this day. Im just a very self conscious person I guess, that's what I've become and that's what life has made me out to be now so I have to just go with that unfortunately
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